Voter Choice for Massachusetts, the statewide campaign to bring Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to MA, is now trying to collect 120,000 signatures by November 20 so that RCV can appear on the ballot in 2020. The Secretary of State’ office has the most accurate information about MA ballot petitions.
Image of a simple example of a ranked-choice ballot

Every person who supports upgrading the way we vote with RCV needs to get involved now. Hundreds of people are already committed to spend some time collecting signatures. However, if the campaign is going to meet its goal, more help is needed. Your help is needed.

To get plugged into the largest, most active campaign for RCV in the country and to provide critically needed help to get RCV on the MA ballot in 2020, sign up to gather signatures here and a member of the campaign team in your area will be in touch, and send you a signature gathering kit.

To contact your local field organizer, send email to and they’ll help you to get a signature gathering kit.


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