Field Affiliate and Support Team (FAST) Committee

Mission: Help launch and support new ORMA affiliates Recruit new or potential ORMA volunteers and members to affiliates/caucuses Develop strategies to increase ORMA membership Facilitate Volunteer recruitment & training Internal Communication Team Team Leader, Andrew McLeod (interim) Volunteer Management Team Team Leader, Robb Duprey External Communication Team Team Leader, Andrew Cohen Research Team Team Leader, Open…

Finance & Legal Working Group

Responsible for tracking and reporting all financial and legal operations of ORMA, and planning and executing any fundraising activities.  Financial reports for all event based activities are recorded and entered into a monthly and quarterly report. Members: Michael Gilbreath, Karen Lee, Bruce Taub, Lesley Phillips. to contact: send an email to attn: Financial &…

Election and Endorsement

(New Committee Forming) The Election and Endorsement Committee pursues refining/defining the ORMA candidate “endorsement” protocol.  Invitations to participate are extended only to ORMA members. Contact:  Members: 

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement Group  Establishes legislative planks and priorities, holding elected legislators accountable, forming issue-oriented action groups and populating MA Democratic Party committees.  MEMBERS Nancy Stenberg (Co-chair) Solomon Stein Donald Green Monica Burke Marg Mazzeo Kate Shore Barbara Diamond(Goldin) Melinda Green Sen. Jamie Eldridge How to contact: Nancy Stenberg,, Ph.413.575.7886

Reconciliation and Resolution Committee

Description: Establish processes to solve internal and external ethical issues Represent interests of individual members by investigating and addressing complaints of maladministration and/or violation of rights (e.g. racial or gender discrimination) Mediate disputes between individuals, between an individual and an entity (affiliates, Coordinating Committee (CC), Representative Council (RC), General Assembly (GA) and Standing Committees (SC)…

Electoral Issues Committee (EIC)

Description: Conduct research on the nature of OR endorsements for state and national elections, ballot measures, and legislative issues with an eye towards seeking out and nurturing electoral candidates from marginalized groups Develops and refines the ORMA endorsement procedure Creates candidate questionnaire templates and other supporting materials Hold candidate and issue forums, as needed Work…

Fundraising and Finance Committee

Description: Tracks and reports all financial operations Plans and executes fundraising activities Leadership: J. Michael Gilbreath, Treasurer Contact:

Inclusion and Development Committee

Description: Develops strategies to engage individuals from underrepresented communities Supports the growth of identity caucuses Ensures programming is inclusive Collect feedback for continuous improvement through post-event surveys and open, judgment-free dialogue. Leadership: Pending Contact:

Bylaws Committee

Description: Develops and maintains bylaws, which establishes the legal structure and rules to conduct business, meetings, etc. Advise on legal issues, as needed Leadership: Don Green, Chair Contact:

Dismantling Structural Racism

ORMA’s Anti-Racism Platform – Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) condemns all distinctions between human beings that are used to unjustly or inequitably divide us. ORMA specifically condemns sexism, classism, racism, ageism, ableism, heterosexism, homophobia, racist policing, mass incarceration, the racist aspects of Islamophobia, anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment and policies, the connection between war and racism, and…