Our Revolution Massachusetts is organizing a grassroots political revolution:

We aim to challenge power and to prioritize the needs of all people and our planet.  We are building a statewide movement by fighting for economic, racial, social, sexual, gender, and environmental justice for all.

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Our Approach to Politics

Building a Party

We believe that to effectively exercise political power we need to have a functioning progressive political party, capable of competing for power. 

Winning on Policies

Our members embrace the progressive policies identified by Our Revolution and the Bernie campaign and prioritized by our grassroots membership. 

Electing Champions

We support progressives who are already officeholders, and candidates running for office who demonstrate commitment to building the movement and advocating for our priorities.

about us

We use your experience to create a better world.

An individual's life experiences can greatly contribute to building and facilitating a progressive political movement. Someone who has grown with limited access to quality education, healthcare, and job opportunities can draw from their experiences to drive social change and address systemic inequalities.

Overall, a person's life experiences can equip them with a unique perspective and understanding that can greatly contribute to building and facilitating a progressive political movement. By leveraging their knowledge, empathy, and leadership skills, they can help bring about meaningful change and work towards a more equitable and just society.

Authenticity and Relatability: of a person's perspective can resonate with individuals who have faced similar challenges. By effectively communicating the realities of inequality and social injustice, they can build trust and connect with people on an emotional level, fostering support for progressive ideas.

Grassroots Mobilization: Their knowledge of the community's needs and struggles enables them to mobilize and organize people effectively. By identifying the issues that matter most to individuals and engaging them in grassroots activism, they can empower others and build a strong base of support for the progressive movement.

Policy Development: Drawing from their experiences, they can contribute to the development of progressive policies that aim to uplift marginalized communities. By focusing on issues such as affordable housing, equitable education, accessible healthcare, and fair job opportunities, they can work towards addressing the root causes of inequality.

Coalition Building: Additionally, they can play a crucial role in coalition building by relating to people from diverse backgrounds and communities. By bridging gaps between different groups and facilitating collaboration, they can create a more cohesive and inclusive progressive movement.

Leadership: Their leadership and representation can inspire others who have faced similar challenges to get involved in politics and activism. By stepping into leadership roles, they provide representation for marginalized voices and ensure that their concerns are heard and addressed within the progressive movement.


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I have been involved with ORMA for just a few weeks now, and already it has been an eye-opening, enriching, and transformative experience that has changed me for the better.

Yet Another WEb Netizen

Developing this website for ORMA has been an interesting project which presents both technical and creative challenges that are a welcome addition to our portfolio!

Website Designer ui/ux

Working with ORMA has opened the door to many wonderful relationships - and opportunities for further growth, both socially and professionally as well.

Tech Support Specialist

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