The 2021 issues/action priorities selected by the ORMA membership are listed below.

Our priority working groups, composed of affiliated and unaffiliated ORMA members and supporters, strive to advance these priorities and welcome active participation and engagement with other progressives interested in lobbying, issues advocacy, electoral/representative politics, and building a broad-based progressive revolutionary movement.

The method for selecting the priorities is described in the 2020 ORMA General Assembly Report. Please visit the individual priorities pages linked below and join with others who share your interests in creating positive social change.

  1. Green New Deal/Climate Justice – this choice reflects ORMA’s commitment to the passage and implementation of the Green New Deal, and our ongoing focus on protecting the planet for future generations through an accelerated move to renewable energy sources.
  2. Medicare for All – Provide every person in this country with quality healthcare. Continue to support Medicare for All as a priority. Our health care system does not belong in the hands of private, for profit insurance and pharmaceutical companies.
  3. Campaign Reform – Voting Rights/Reform – Republicans make it difficult – if not impossible – for specific constituencies to vote. Coupled with the gutting of the Voting Rights Act and the still ludicrous existence of the Citizens United decision, our democracy is in the greatest danger it has seen in modern times. ORMA continues to work for a more democratic future.
  4. Tax the Rich/Redistribute Wealth – ORMA’s membership believes that income inequality continues to be a major issue for many in our country, with corporations often paying little or nothing in taxes, CEOs reaping the benefits of increasing compensation and stock buy-backs while other employees continue to fall behind, wealth accumulation becoming more difficult for working people, and an assault on union power.
  5. Affordable Housing – Working people continue to be victims of raising rents and property values that make it difficult for them to find and afford quality housing. The problem has been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted in massive job losses, business failures, foreclosures, and income inequality in general, which continues to expand the gap between income/wealth and affordability. ORMA is committed to safe, quality housing for all.

In addition, ORMA  continues our efforts to focus on war, poverty, LGBTQ, women’s issues, youth empowerment, education and overturning structural racism/white supremacy.