Tax the Rich/Redistribute Wealth

ORMA’s membership believes that income inequality is a major issue standing in the way of achieving many of the socio-political progressive changes we seek.

In this regard, ORMA is proud to have endorsed the Fair Share Amendment, a 2022 ballot initiative that would amend the Massachusetts Constitution to create an additional tax of 4% on the portion of a person’s annual income above $1 million.  The new revenue would be spent on “quality public education and affordable public colleges and universities, and for the repair and maintenance of roads, bridges and public transportation.” 

Learn more about the Fair Share Amendment and sign the Fair Share Voter Pledge.. (When you sign the Fair Share Voter pledge please select ORMA from the organizational dropdown menu to let the campaign know we sent you!)

ORMA will be following the FSA campaign on this page. For those interested in creating an ORMA Tax the Rich/Redistribute Wealth “Working Group” please be in touch with ORMA by filling out this form.