With 63% in favor, members of Our Revolution Massachusetts voted to endorse Quentin Palfrey for Attorney General of Massachusetts!   The outcome was determined by ranked choice voting with Andrea Campbell and Shannon Liss-Riordan also garnering support in the early rounds.

As Quentin said in his response to our questionnaire, “Our criminal justice system is in need of urgent reform. We imprison too many people for too long for doing too little. Race has too much to do with who ends up in our criminal justice system. The consequences of the unfairness of our criminal justice system are profound. Over-incarceration exacerbates cyclical poverty and inequality, and it undermines our efforts to create a more just and equal society. We should make MA a leader in bold, evidence-based justice reform policies, including an end to qualified immunity for police officers, reducing harsh sentences and sentencing disparities in the state, maintaining strict oversight over the Department of Corrections to ensure that incarcerated people are protected, and maximizing opportunities for decarceration, including expanded and medical parole and pre-sentencing alternatives to incarceration. ”


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