May 2nd, 2023

        When We Organize We Win

Join Community and Labor struggles that make a difference

With Organizing Notes, ORMA is reaching out to our diverse membership, telling the stories about our organization and our allies, while offering opportunities for engagement in climate, community, education, labor, and social justice actions that make a difference to millions of people across the state. When our work has an impact it is because people like you contribute time and energy. Please use

THIS FORM to let us know how you would like to become more engaged.   If there is an issue that needs attention and you think ORMA needs to focus on, and you can help make that happen, tell us about it. Invest in Change Now!If 


10th Suffolk ORMA members: VOTE TODAY May 2nd, for

Rob Orthman in a special State House Representative election!

Endorsed by ORMA, Rob Orthman is the strongest progressive candidate in this race, with a history of housing activism, including work to increase the number of affordable units in Roslindale, and transit advocacy as a strong voice for the inbound rapid bus lane between Roslindale Village and Forest Hills Station.

Mass-Care is holding a Lobby Day on Thursday, May 4th to advocate for the Massachusetts Medicare for All bill and

we would love to have representation       from Our Revolution! 

We currently have several constituent meetings scheduled for the Day between 12-3PM. We’ll be hearing from Sen. Jamie Eldridge and Rep. Sam Montaño and learn how to effectively lobby for Medicare for All! We have the meetings with the below legislators scheduled for May 4th; but we also need constituents who aren’t in any of these districts to visit other priority offices!  Please sign up for May the 4th! 

Find Your Representative Here

A campaign is building to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Boston and it is time to hire a campaign director. 
If you live in Boston and have experience  and passion for Ranked Chioce Voting, please apply:

MassDems for Reform (group spearheaded by leaders of Our Revolution MA) is looking for people to help research and prepare a state party convention resolution to prohibit or curtail the use of “Dark Money” in our state primaries. If you are interested email

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Firearms: The leading cause of death for American children


Join the fight to end the gun violence epidemic in America. 

Text Join to 644-33


Learn all about the Massachusetts Chapter in the newest issue of MOMENTUM our quarterly newsletter.

Fund Health Care Not Warfare

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, organizations, groups, and institutions responsible for our care, all recognized the inadequacy of their capacity to respond to healthcare needs. Though most recognized the broken nature of our privatized healthcare system, a major problem was invisible; the draining of public resources from public health needs to the Pentagon. A group in Mass Peace Action recognized this missing analysis and formed the Fund Healthcare not Warfare Campaign (FHCNW). The group included retired nurses, public health professionals, biomedical researchers, and physicians. We reached out to the Mass Nurses Assn, Mass Public Health Association, and other healthcare providers with a two-part program: We would support their priorities in the State Legislature if they would support efforts to convince the US Congress to cut the military budget in order to help finance public health priorities. More than a dozen organizations signed on, including the Mass Nurses Assn and Mass Public Health Association. A robust public education series of webinars, making the connections clear, followed.  Our Revolution National Chair Larry Cohen called for support of the Campaign in his talk to the annual “Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War” Conference.

At the Congressional level, the situation worsened with Congress voting close to $900 billion for military accounts – more than half the Congressional Discretionary Budget (much of it derived from our income taxes). In the same session, Congress refused to vote for vaccine assistance to those in need.


Dr. Robbie Goldstein appointed Massachusetts Commissioner of Public Health

However, the situation at the State level has improved, with some of the most important bills – for example, SAPHE (State Access to Public Health Excellence) – likely to pass. 

Another positive sign is the governor’s appointment of Dr. Robbie Goldstein as Commissioner of Public Health. Dr. Goldstein was formerly at the federal Center for Disease Control. Prior to that, he was working in Massachusetts as an infectious disease specialist with a particular interest in elevating the level of health care to the GLBTQ community. In addition, he ran against Stephen Lynch in a primary for the 9th Congressional District seat. ORMA and other progressive organizations enthusiastically endorsed him.  Thus, he brings a unique combination of public health and infectious disease experience, with an awareness of the critical role of our elected representatives in improving access to health care.

THE FHCNW campaign continues to forge relationships with public health, mental health, and home care attendants (SEiU1199), through regular webinars. The campaign has extended its effort to the American Public Health Assn, with major sessions at the Boston 2022 meeting, and sessions planned for the 2023 meeting in November in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Our Revolution members are welcome to attend monthly FHCNWF meetings – send an e-mail to be added to our mailing list to Jonathan King


ORMA depends on your support to continue Bernie’s Political Revolution to create a society, a politics, and an economy that works for everyone, not just billionaires, corporations and the political elite.

If you value Organizing Notes and its twice a month distribution schedule, please make a donation to ensure its continued existence.

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The PEG Center for Art &  Activism Presents

American Promise

Music, Dance, Rap, Poetry, Spoken Word and More!


Featuring Lisa Miller-Gillespie, Michelle La poetica Richardson, Wangari Fahari, Michelle Aguillon, Otto de La cruz, & Ubuyle Toyvo Narwele.

Thursday, May 11, 2023 6:30 – 8 p.m. Firehouse Center for the Arts

Market Square, Newburyport

 Tickets: $20

More info at


Please join us for a Multicultural Multimedia Performance Join us for an energetic, thoughtprovoking evening of entertainment and community with artists from across the region. Hear fresh voices and BIPOC perspectives about what it means to be an American in today’s challenging climate. 

United We Stand! Music-Dance-Rap poetry-Spoken Word & More 

United We Stand!

Listen to this amazing conversation with Manny Alvarado from Manny Jae Media. His podcasts and videos celebrate and give voice to the Black, brown, and LGBTQ communities in Worcester. Manny has amazing stories from his childhood and from his current work, and we also talk about systemic oppression in different areas.Listen or watch, send it to your friends, and let us know what you think! 


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Campaigns End, Movements Endure


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