Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA)

Newsletter #5: 8/21/17


View detailed reports about the Transition Team’s launch
meeting and post-launch trajectory, including interviews of some of the
new leadership.  Read about ORMA’s new Fundraising Campaign
& All Volunteer Action program.

Contents: Endorsements | Initiatives | Transition | Actions | Affiliates | Opportunities

New Endorsements

  1. Safe Patients Limits Ballot Initiative: MA Nurses Association (MNA) Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act. See Press Release.
  2. Raise Up Coalition: to Raise the Minimum Wage and ensure statewide Paid Family Medical Leave. See Overview and Signature Drive FAQ. Sign up to volunteer.
  3. ORMA Endorses Paul Feeney: for State Senate. See Press Release. Sign up to join ORMA statewide volunteers to call voters to support Paul’s candidacy.

State-Wide OR Initiatives

  1. All Volunteer Action: Read about a new ORMA service to collect, tag, and recruit volunteers for statewide and affiliate actions. Sign up for what you want to help with.
  2. Fundraising Campaign:  Campaigns End – Successful Revolutions Endure, launched this week, funds the Founding Convention and operating expenses. Please donate.
  3. The #PeoplesPlatform: is 8 bills pending in the US House. Summer for Progress, an OR National initiative supported by ORMA, demands Democrats support all 8.

Transition Team News

  1. Launch Meeting Report: a brief article about how the ORMA Transition Team formed, who the working group leaders are, and how to contact them.
  2. Post-Launch Trajectory: an in-depth article about what happened after the launch meeting, issues under consideration, calls for participation, and upcoming decisions.
  3. Member Interviews: interviews by Andrea Burns.  Compiled perspectives of Chris Braiotta, Jeannette Rivera, Matthew Miller, Penelope Jennewein, and Garret Whitney.

Affiliates and Field News

  1. Affiliate News: Featuring OR Concord and Franklin County CPR.
  2. Field Team News: Recruitment Training: a recent bi-weekly Affiliate Training call.
  3. What’s Field? The Field team is an arm of ORMA and your first stop with questions on how to get started as an Our Revolution Massachusetts affiliate group.
    • Field holds Thursday team building online meeting for existing and new affiliates. Contact petercorb2@gmail.com for more details or find an affiliate near you.
    • Field helps new affiliates get started by co-planning local and state actions and first meeting events. To start a group near you, email Peter Corbett, Coordinator

Volunteer Staff Opportunities

  1. Web Content Manager: Responsible for updating OurRevolutionMA.com. Must know WordPress. If interested, email us with subject “Web Manager”.
  2. Support ORMA and Affiliate Actions:  Visit All Volunteer Action, a one-stop shop for volunteer opportunities throughout Massachusetts.

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