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Representative Council is Official!

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  • What to expect after the Representative Council elections
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Photo by Andrea Burns

Voices from the Ratification Congress 11.12.17

Fired Up and Ready To Go – Listen to short audio interviews capturing the excitement and a revolution in progress with participants before and after the November 12th Ratification Congress in Quincy, MA, Listen here.

Representative Council


Elections for representatives to new statewide Representative Council (RC)

  • Affiliate members – Elections will take place on December 17, 2017. Affiliates may send one voting representative. If your affiliate missed the December 5th deadline and still wishes to send a representative, please contact us by December 10th*. You’ll need to supply a membership list of at least 10 people to qualify. Visit our website to learn more about the election process.

*Please note this will NOT be the only opportunity for your affiliate to elect a representative to the RC. However, participating now will allow your representative to participate in the first Coordinating Committee election.

  • Unaffiliated members – Members of ORMA who do not currently belong to a local affiliate will also have the opportunity to elect a representative to the RC by Dec. 17th. At present there are three available seats for unaffiliated representatives with only two candidates currently running. Due to a gap in communications, we are extending the submission deadline. If you are an ORMA member who does not belong to a local affiliate and you wish to run, please send a candidate statement to orma-elections-committee@googlegroups.com by Sunday, December 10th.

The candidate statements and instructions for voting will be made available on Wednesday, December 13th.

*New* Join a Caucus Today!

An important part of the new organizational structure is to create forums for communities who have historically been marginalized or underrepresented. To this end, the Inclusion Team has assisted with the formation of seven caucus groups*.  These groups are eligible to elect representation to ORMA’s new leadership body.

*Please note this will not be the only opportunity to form a caucus, and several of those created have plans to branch out in the future.

What to Expect After the Elections

The first RC gathering for newly elected members is planned before the holidays or soon after (using Zoom or other meeting technology). A late January date will be confirmed for an in-person meeting based on the availability of the new council members.

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