Our Revolution Massachusetts is organizing a grassroots political revolution to challenge power and to prioritize the needs of all people and our planet.  We are building a statewide movement by fighting for economic, racial, social, sexual , gender and environmental justice for all.

Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA), in collaboration with Our Revolution – National, seeks to make the United States’ political and economic systems truly democratic and responsive to the needs of all people in our country, not just the wealthy and powerful. To achieve this revolutionary transformation, ORMA promotes informed and active citizen participation in local, regional, and national political processes, and works to improve public understanding of major policy issues, with particular focus on five priorities.

ORMA is a member-driven, people-powered organization, building and empowering a broad coalition of grassroots activists to bring about needed progressive change. ORMA members engage in meaningful progressive political action as game-changing advocates of progressive legislation, progressive social action, and progressive candidates. See our working committees and read about our Representative Council. 

A more detailed breakdown of our goals and methods can be found here.

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