Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) is an all-volunteer, people-powered organization. If you are interested in joining any of the working committees below, please contact the group directly or send an email to info@ourrevolutionma.com.

The bulk of all statewide ORMA work–organizing, planning, and daily operations–is conducted by all-volunteer teams, committees, and working groups.   During this interim stage, here are the active teams:

    • Interim Communications Committee: The ICC helped lead ORMA from its launch in October, 2016, and will continue until the first RC meeting. Active committees include:
      • Field and Affiliate Support: certifying affiliates for membership and assisting the formation of new affiliates for RC membership.
      • Communications: supporting online communications (newsletter and email blasts), member data exchange, and other internal communication procedures and protocols.
      • Finance/Legal: Responsible for tracking and reporting all financial operations of ORMA, and planning and executing any fundraising activities.
      • Civic Engagement:  establishing legislative planks and priorities, holding elected legislators accountable, forming issue-oriented action groups, populating MA Democratic Party committees.
      • Election and Endorsement – pursues refining/defining the ORMA candidate “endorsement” protocol.  Invitations to participate are extended only to ORMA members.
    • Transition Team: The TT helped establish Representative Council model/structure and will continue until the first RC meeting.

      • Electionscertifying and managing the election of RC representatives.
      • Programmanaging logistics & planning for the January Representative Council meeting. 
      • Inclusion: Helping coordinate and launch ORMA identity caucuses (visit page for current list) authorized to select representatives to the RC.