Our Revolution Massachusetts is currently led by an Interim Coordinating Committee (ICC) and four working committees:

  • Transition Team
  • Field and Affiliate Support Team (FAST)
  • Communications
  • Civic Action Group

ORMA is an all-volunteer, people-powered organization. We’re currently searching for digital media specialists, field organizers, and people with internet and virtual communication skills–if this sounds like you, please contact our working group coordinators!

Transition Team (TT)


Vicki Dzindzichashvili (OR Boston)
Paul DePalo (OR Greater Worcester)
Chris Braiotta (Medford – unaffiliated)
Penelope Jennewein (OR Somerville)


Continuing the work of the Mission, Structure and Planning Team, the TT’s task is to structure and support a transition to a new ORMA, including an October founding conference.

How to contact:  Transition Team Core, transition@ourrevolutionma.com
Web Page: http://ourrevolutionma.com/transition-team

Field and Affiliate Support  TEAM (FAST)


Michael Tafe
Peter Corbett
Bruce Taub
Jared Hicks
Nancy Weinberg
Roberta Flashman
Leigh Baltzer


To help connect, organize, promote, develop, and support ORMA affiliates. To help advance collaboration among ORMA affiliates and between ORMA and other community groups, interest groups, progressive political groups, alliances and organizations.

How to contact: Peter Corbett, petercorb2@gmail.com, Ph.413.695.7096



Cole Harrison (Chair, Data)
Karen Lee (Social Media, Data, Emails)
Nancy Stenberg (Publications, Emails)
Andrea Burns (Press)
Alexander Place (Social Media)
Alicia Fleming (Calendar)


The Communications Committee provides service to the ICC and working groups, and through these, to OR affiliates in Massachusetts.  We publish a newsletter twice a month.

How to contact: communications@ourrevolutionma.com

Civic Engagement

The Civic Engagement Group will begin with their work with these tasks:

Schedule a meeting with ORMA legislators to produce a legislative priority agenda for the rest of the 2017-18 legislative cycle; Following up on the implementation of ORMA platform planks; Following up on date and time of the Democratic State Committee Resolutions Subcommittee meeting.

Other, more permanent tasks could be:

Holding our legislators accountable; Forming issue oriented action groups. There is already a Single-payer group. FCCPR has several issue oriented groups. We should talk to them about success/failures and any other affiliates/groups who have begun this type of activity (Invisible, etc).


Nancy Stenberg (Co-chair)
Paul DePalo (Co-chair)

How to contact: Nancy Stenberg, nstenberg06@gmail.com, Ph.413.575.7886