Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) is an all-volunteer, people-powered organization with a Representative Council model and a coordinating committee of leadership.  To reach any of the Coordinating Committee members, see their contact information.

This page is under construction and new committees are currently being developed and restructured. If you are interested in joining a team, please fill out this interest form for a complete listing.

For general inquires send an email to info@ourrevolutionma.com.

  • Civic Engagement:  establishing legislative planks and priorities, holding elected legislators accountable, forming issue-oriented action groups, populating MA Democratic Party committees.
  • Communications: supporting online communications (newsletter and email blasts), member data exchange, and other internal communication procedures and protocols.
  • Election and Endorsement – pursues refining/defining the ORMA candidate “endorsement” protocol.  Invitations to participate are extended only to ORMA members.
  • Field and Affiliate Support: certifying affiliates for membership and assisting the formation of new affiliates for RC membership.
  • Finance/Legal: Responsible for tracking and reporting all financial operations of ORMA, and planning and executing any fundraising activities.
  • Inclusion Caucus: Forums for communities who have historically been marginalized or underrepresented.