Massachusetts Democrats believe that healthcare is a human right, so that every person enjoys a good quality of life and great health and wellbeing. We believe that high-quality and affordable health care should be available to all through a single payer government sponsored program like Medicare, regardless of employment status.  

Massachusetts Democrats say:

    • We should be able to access public coverage through a single payer public option, and those over 55 should be able to opt in to Medicare.
    • Will fight any attempts by Republicans in Congress to privatize, voucherize, or “phase out” Medicare as we know it.
    • Will oppose Republican plans to slash funding and block grant Medicaid which would harm millions of Americans.
    • Our medical plan should:
        • Limit  the percent/total amount of premiums and out-of-pocket costs including out of network costs.
        • Have a comprehensive benefit package for all that includes mental health care, dental coverage, hearing aids, eyecare, alternatives to nursing home care for those needing nursing home care, assistance for aging in place,etc, (for those with a certain # of ADLs), etc.
        • Reduce prescription drug prices.
        • Eliminate racial, socioethnic, socioeconomic, and regional health disparities
        • Provide non-discrimination by providers on the basis of source of insurance.  Full transparency re: cost of services by all providers and by all insurance companies with covered lives in Massachusetts
    • Recognizing the opioid crisis within our state, we believe the state has a responsibility to help by providing funding for treatment and recovery.