Massachusetts Democrats believe that all Massachusetts residents should have access to high-quality educational opportunities from birth through adulthood. We believe that our public education system should successfully prepare our children for lifelong learning; it should give them the tools to make contributions to our communities and to the intellectual, cultural, and civic life of the Commonwealth. We believe that our teachers, and the role they play in shaping the future of the Commonwealth, are deserving of the utmost high proficiency standards and to prepare them for college and career success. Massachusetts Democrats are committed to investing in public education because we know that it is the cornerstone of our society, our democracy, and our economic future.

Massachusetts Democrats believe free education is a human right, and therefore public education from universal childcare, pre-K to higher education/vocational training, should be free for all residents.

  • College affordability and needs-based financial aid with:
  • Massachusetts Democrats believe free education is a human right. As such, we hereby affirm that: (1) no arbitrary cap or means test is appropriate; and (2) this right shall be extended retroactively through cancellation of existing student debt owed by a current or prior student for education at a state school, college or university.
  • Oppose the high stakes aspects of standardized tests.
  • Oppose the expansion of charter schools.
  • Preserve and expand education in the arts.