“When we organize, we win!” is not just an empty slogan. ORMA has, through the activism of its members, successfully helped elect progressive candidates across Massachusetts, and pushed for legislation that protects the environment, makes healthcare available to all, and helps working families and the poor. “Elections 2020” was a major ORMA priority focused on races taking place as part of the 2020 election year. If you believe “Elections” should continue to be an ORMA priority, please fill in this form to make your voice heard. Please also consider attending the upcoming ORMA General Assembly on January 30 where ORMA’s priorities will be a major topic. Click here to RSVP.

With the victory of the Biden/Harris ticket, the corruption and atrocities of the Trump administration are over, but the effects will surely plague us for a long time. After four years of lies, racism, misogyny, incompetence, and divisiveness, we now look forward to building a broad-based popular movement to advance the progressive agenda. The flipping of the two Georgia Senate seats out of Republican hands also offers the opportunity to end Mitch McConnell’s obstructionism as we move to advance and pass progressive legislation.

As revolutionaries, of course, we know that there is still a great deal of work to be done resulting from many harsh realities:

  • Trump got over 71 million votes. He lost the election, but he maintains a strong following that will continue to have an effect on how current officeholders and future candidates behave.
  • Democrats lost ground in the House of Representatives.
  • The Republicans did lose some Senate seats, but not as many as we’d hoped. In some cases, though, Republican Senate candidates who stuck to Trump’s coattails had their strategy affirmed. It is not likely that they will walk away from Trumpism anytime soon. 
  • Trump’s conduct in office demonstrated a continual, blatant disregard for norms and ethics, and it provides a blueprint for his likely activities post-presidency. He is already attempting to keep his supporters fired up and engaged, reinforcing the pressure on Republican officeholders, who fear being “primaried” at the hands Trump loyalists, to continue their obstructionism and lack of regard for working and poor Americans in particular.

We progressives came through as voters in helping to defeat Trump, and we now need to accompany any post-election “glow” with some serious planning and work, both in the short and long term. We must continue to fight for the priorities that are at the core of ORMA’s work. At least now we have a president with whom we can strive to bring those priorities to reality.

We know that when Our Revolution applies its energies and endorsements to progressive candidates, it can make a big difference. In 2020 alone, over 230 state and local office candidates endorsed by OR were victorious – not to mention the many successful ballot initiatives we put our name and campaign efforts behind. Furthermore, all candidates at the national level who supported the Green New Deal and Medicare for All won their races, except for a few running in difficult districts.

Beyond Georgia, we can also apply our energies to bringing more transparency to the Massachusetts State House by supporting Act on Mass’ Transparency is Power Campaign. This campaign is focused on organizing constituent power in every corner of the state to demand our legislators change the State House’s broken, anti-democratic rules. take action here.