Trees as a Public Good

Why Trees Matter for Green Development
Forum Held Sunday April 21, 7:00 PM EDT – 8:30 PM

Towns and cities across the Commonwealth are working BOTH to encourage green development of housing and energy and ALSO to avert the climate emergency. In this video, learn how to make development climate friendly and “green” by preserving trees’ crucial eco-services in urban areas and in wild forests. Two scientists and three community advocates explain how natural climate solutions can work together with the development Massachusetts needs.

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Recording: Why Trees Matter

Trees as a Public Good is an advocacy network for protecting the forests and urban trees of Massachusetts. Our network membership includes individuals and members of other advocacy groups as well as scientists. Trees are a public good because they create our livable climate as well as reversing climate change and lessening the impact of existing climate dangers. Trees remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere for free; reduce heat and particle pollution from the air; clean and store rainwater and reduce flooding; create and preserve healthy soil; promote human health and wellbeing; provide habitat for biodiversity, and more.

Based on current climate science, we advocate that at least 30% of forests, including all publicly owned forests, must be allowed to grow old, uncut and wild. We also advocate that urban and non-forest trees be preserved and the tree canopy increased especially in environmental-justice communities. Development projects must follow best green building practices that accommodate and protect healthy trees. 

We work to educate and influence the public, the environmental community, and government officials based on current, relevant, and independent* peer-reviewed science, so that more forests and non-forest trees can provide us with their maximum life giving, health, and climate healing services.

If you’d like to see a list of some of our current campaigns, see them here.

Our main group meets on Zoom twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday, and is open to all who support its purpose. Join the TreesPG Network by filling out this form: Learn More

* By independent, we mean science not funded by wood-product, hunting, industrial solar, or other commercial interests.

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