We recently had our forum “A Livable Commonwealth: Trees as a Public Good” . Below you can find links to the recording, and the chat transcript!
The forum documented the important role of trees and forests for our quality of life and mitigating climate change. We heard compelling stories about successful organizing and legislation in local communities to protect urban tree canopies and ongoing work to protect forests. We heard from participants in the chat that the threats facing trees across the Commonwealth are pernicious and pervasive.

Next Steps

This work needs to extend beyond this forum! Help us build a network to share and support each other’s efforts. Whether your community has made great progress or is struggling to begin organizing:

Join us online May 5, at 7 pm!

Please fill out this short form to get the Zoom link and become part of this ongoing effort.

Actions to Take Now

During the forum, we featured several specific actions for participants to support. If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to click on each link and take every action!

Here are links to the actions that relate directly to the struggles featured in the program:

Additional links to related actions that we shared in the chat and shared later by co-sponsors and participants can be found here:

Share the Recording

The recording is posted on the ORMA YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/MWUNFXxSK_w

You can view the Zoom chat transcript here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KUswklDCn3T-yT-Ahi1raajgHp9mi1zZOkrLLCgZVTE/edit?usp=sharing

Who We Are

This forum was brought to you by the joint efforts of Massachusetts Call2Action and Our Revolution Massachusetts.

Mass Call2Action is a collaborative group of Democratic activists across the Commonwealth, working to bring transparency, information, deeper understanding, and consideration of issues and policies to Democrats in Massachusetts. The forum team has produced highly regarded programs on the topics of climate, social justice, affordable housing, Medicare for All, and prison reform. https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=mass call2action

ORMA and the ORMA GND/Climate Crisis Working Group grew out of the 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and are dedicated to growing the “political revolution” energized by that campaign. We depend on the energy and passion of our volunteers. In addition to the Call2Action forum team, this forum was the product of three separate ORMA teams: The Climate Crisis Working Group, the ORMA Tech Team, and the ORMA Communications Team. We never have enough hands, eyes, minds and imaginations to do all the work that is needed, all three of these teams need additional volunteers. If you like what you saw, have ideas on how to expand or build on it, you can support our work by:

Please follow ORMA:

In solidarity,

The ORMA Climate Crisis/GND Working Group & Mass Call2Action


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