June 13, 2023

        When We Organize We Win

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With Organizing Notes, ORMA is reaching out to our diverse membership, telling the stories about our organization and our allies, while offering opportunities for engagement in climate, community, education, labor, and social justice actions that make a difference to millions of people across the state. When our work has an impact it is because people like you contribute time and energy. Please use

THIS FORM to let us know how you would like to become more engaged.   If there is an issue that needs attention and you think ORMA needs to focus on, and you can help make that happen, tell us about it. Invest in Change Now!If 


Healthcare is a Human Right

Progressives in Congress have re-introduced the Medicare for All Act. If passed, this bill would finally end the international embarrassment of the so-called “richest nation on earth” failing to provide basic healthcare coverage for its people. Medicare for All means no premiums, no co-pays and no deductibles. And it means price-gouging corporations will not get to profit off our sickness. Medicare for All is common sense applied to health insurance. We know how difficult   it is currently for physicians who must fill out  numerous forms to enable their patients to collect payment for valid medical services, to be able to collect payment for being treated by a physician.  There has been a flood of early retirements by Physicians who are tired of being  insurance agents, using their valuable time to worry about coverage for their patients instead of spending  time caring for them.


This is the result of an “out of control” private profit making healthcare industry. Medicare for All isn’t radical, it’s common sense. And even though Republicans control the House of Representatives, and our President said he would veto the bill, there’s never been more Medicare for All supporters in office. We have no choice but to build support and march forward for single payer Medicare for All.

If you live in Representatives Seth Moulton, Jake Auchincloss, Richard Neal or Stephen Lynch’s districts, urge them to support the Medicare for All Act HERE


If you live in Representatives Katherine Clark, Bill Keating, Jim MCGovern, Ayanna Pressley or Lori Trahan’s districts, please thank them for being a co-sponsor HERE


Please thank both our Senators for their support for Medicare for All HERE


Support five key bills that

advance the Indigenous

People’s Legislative Agenda

State House steps Thursday, June 15, 11:30 to 1:30.

Read about these five critical bills HERE

Progressive Massachusetts is launching a biweekly (every other week) Activist Afternoons series on Sunday, June 11, at 3:30pm. Sign up — and share the link — here We will be using this series to make calls to voters about calling their legislators on key issues. It’s a great activity for long-time activist pros as well as people looking to dip their toes in. You may remember that JPP had an ongoing Activist Afternoon in the pre-pandemic days–now that PM is starting one we’ll have even greater reach!

Golden Rule Visits New Bedford

Join us at New Bedford Harbor June 14th, 2023

Learn More Here

MassDems for Reform (group spearheaded by leaders of Our Revolution MA) is looking for people to help research and prepare a state party convention resolution to prohibit or curtail the use of “Dark Money” in our state primaries. If you are interested email

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ORMA depends on your support to continue Bernie’s Political Revolution to create a society, a politics, and an economy that works for everyone, not just billionaires, corporations and the political elite.

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