Issues Votes at the MA Democratic Party Convention

Report on the Issues Votes at the Massachusetts Democratic Party Convention

From the ORMA #DemTeamsform team:

All seven ORMA-supported resolutions were unanimously approved at the September MA Democratic Party Issues Convention. They included all five ORMA Priorities. ORMA also got unanimous support at the Convention for opposing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) effort to suppress progressive challenges to Democratic incumbents. It is said the DCCC is doing this by its refusal to hire any professional campaign workers who ever worked for challengers to Democratic incumbents. This would mean that they would not hire people who worked for Ayanna Pressley or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
ORMA also secured unanimous support for increased transparency in the state legislature and member support for the “Transparency Pledge” would help.

Thank you to everyone whose efforts large and less large contributed to this success. For this success to actually translate into real power within the MDP and DCCC it is now up to us, ORMA affiliates, members, supporters, and allies across the state – Not me, us! – to turn resolutions into legislation.
Where do your legislators stand on these issues? Find out. Talk to their legislative aides. Take names and numbers. Follow up. And if your rep’s position is not in sync with what was endorsed at the Convention demand they pay attention and act!

What about your Democratic town or ward committee? Has it endorsed or worked for the Green New Deal? Have you and other OR brothers and sisters joined your local ward or town committee?
At the Convention, the MA Democratic Party called for action on all of these issues. And action requires actors, people willing to take the next steps, to walk the talk. This is where you and ORMA come in. Please act in concert with your local affiliate or ward committee. Or act on your own, or with a friend, but act, and then share what you learn with your affiliates and with our allies!