ORMA was founded on a set of principles and priorities that reflect those of our endorsed presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders endorsed Biden the week after Sanders ended his own presidential run and he continues to support Biden. Biden has responded by saying, “I’m going to need you, Bernie, not just to win but to govern.” 

We can now work to influence the way Biden goes about doing things as president. The fight for our priorities will continue.

But weeks after the election was called for Biden/Harris by all the major news networks, the Narcissist-in-Chief hasn’t left the White House and continues to claim he won by a landslide. It’s hair-raising that he is still in possession of the nuclear keys. The Coup-o-Meter has remained quite steadily in the “prepare for a coup” zone, so it bears watching.

Bernie Sanders was a leader in the effort to unite to elect Biden and defeat Trump. Biden’s pledges and rhetoric on the issues we care about are steps in the right direction, as reflected in the Biden-Sanders unity task force recommendations. Sanders’ appointment as the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee should put him in a stronger position to affect policies to help working people and the poor and to reorient federal fiscal policies. Clearly, we must continue to do everything we can to push Biden on our priorities. Our chances for moving our ORMA priorities forward increase under a President Biden, whose campaign promises could make him the most progressive president in modern American history. We in ORMA and our allies will not stop advocating, arguing, and standing up for our priorities; they are popular with a large segment of American society and a President Biden will be far more easily pushed towards them than an emboldened nascent dictator. 

When we fight we win!