Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) Launches fundraising campaign

Campaigns End – Successful Revolutions Endure – With your Help!

In 2016, following Bernie Sanders’ call for the creation of Our Revolution (OR) to continue the “Political Revolution”, Sanders delegates, campaign staffers, and volunteers joined with other social justice and peace activists to create Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA).

Your hard work and support transformed ORMA from that initial gathering of 50 individuals, to a statewide movement with over 7,000 members! (Join here) You created local OR groups (affiliates) in over 20 communities across Massachusetts. These affiliates endorsed, and helped elect progressive candidates; met with your legislators; testified on Beacon Hill; rallied for Single-Payer Health Care and the Safe Communities Act; and are organizing in support of political change across the state. (Find your nearest affiliate here)

Volunteers and supporters like you made this success possible. We know not everyone can commit the hours needed to attend meetings, organize events, or canvass for candidates. Your financial support is just as important. Please make a contribution ($27 is suggested) to continue building the Political Revolution and extend the influence of Bernie’s legacy!

With your support, ORMA led an organizing effort to transform the Massachusetts Democratic Party (MDP) Platform. You flooded into platform hearings, and over 700 of you became delegates to the MDP Convention, where the most progressive platform in MDP history was adopted. Now, we need your support to hold legislators and party leaders accountable!

As the Fall approaches ORMA is gearing up to hold its founding convention, and we working with two key allies (Mass. Nurses Association and the Raise Up Coalition) to support signature drives to get a $15 Minimum WagePaid Sick Leave, and Safe Patient limits on the ballot.

The Political Revolution requires resources! Your one-time contribution will help ORMA rent meeting halls, print materials, and purchase supplies for these campaigns and our upcoming convention. A monthly Sustainer contribution supports the infrastructure needed to recruit volunteers for these efforts and to support the work of OR groups across the state, and pays for critical communication technology, facilitating dozens of virtual ORMA meetings each month.

Every dollar raised by ORMA with this appeal will be matched by OR National and will eventually help ORMA hire staff. Make your contribution now and the Political Revolution WILL endure!

Join ORMA’s All Volunteer Action Team

All Volunteer Action is a statewide initiative to coordinate signature gathering, phone banks, canvassing, and other actions in support of endorsed candidates and issues. Volunteers are needed for all roles, including volunteer organizers. Sign up here and let us know how you can help. Or email info@OurRevolutionMA.com with the subject line – ATTN: VOLUNTEER

In solidarity!

The ORMA – Interim Coordinating Committee