Led by our Climate Crisis Working Group, Our Revolution Mass is joining a partnership with Sign4DivestingMA to put the future of fossil fuels on the Ballot in November. Private and public pension funds across the country provide core support for fossil fuel stock prices, and keep the “cost of capital” low. This year we will say “enough is enough” and demand that Massachusetts state pension funds, colleges, and universities end all investments in the fossil fuel industry.

Pledge to Divest! Click here to take the first step in divesting Massachusetts State Pension Funds from all fossil fuel investments! Then share the link with family and friends!

While scientists around the world continue to sound the alarms on climate change, corporations, our political institutions, and even leaders in higher education continue to fall short of the needed bold, direct, and immediate action to end the use of fossil fuels.

“It is absolutely the case that the transition is moving too slowly from the climate perspective, but what is important to recognize is that it is primarily a matter of political will and economic choices ….” (Carroll Muffett, CIEL).

Even now, as the crisis in Ukraine unfolds, the fossil fuel industry is taking steps to maximize their profits on the backs of the suffering of the people of Ukraine.

We can no longer wait for political and corporate leaders to understand how urgent the problem is. It is time for the rest of us to act for them. This year we can do that by putting fossil fuel divestment on the ballot. Currently, there is legislation on Beacon Hill that would divest state pensions from the fossil fuel industry. By putting this public policy question on the ballot in your State Representative and Senate district, and passing it in November 2022, we will send a clear message to the leaders on Beacon Hill that they must pass the bill in the Legislature and the Governor must sign it.

Success depends on you! Pledge to Divest here!

Working with Sign4DivestingMA, ORMA will lead the drive to collect the needed 32,000 signatures to get divestment on the ballot in every state representative and state senate district in Massachusetts. This effort starts with you making the pledge to vote for Divestment by visiting the Sign4DivestingMA website. You can learn more by attending the Sign4DivestingMA “Divestment Fireside Chat with Sen. Marc Pacheco”.

Divestment has been a tool of progressives for decades. Divestment helped end Apartheid in South Africa, and bring awareness and legislation to stop the tobacco industry in the 1990s. Now it is our turn to use this powerful tool to take a major step forward in the struggle to end fossil fuel addiction.

Sign the pledge and watch for more opportunities to take action to support Divestment. Don’t forget to share the link with family and friends!

For more information check out the Sign4DivestingMA website.

To learn more about the ORMA GND/Climate Crisis Working Group, or volunteer with this initiative, contact us at climate@ourrevolutionma.com.



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