Emily Cochrane, reports for the New York Times, that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “using her political action committee” has come out in support of Alex Morse, the ORMA-endorsed candidate in MA Congressional District One challenging long term blue dog democrat, Representative Richard E. Neal.

photo of Alex MorseThe endorsement, according to the NYT, gave a “significant lift” to Morse’s campaign a week before what is a heated and eagerly watched primary election challenge against Mr. Neal, who has been in Congress since 1989, the year Mr. Morse was born.  Morse is quoted as saying he was “honored to have the congresswoman in his corner, and that it would be the honor of his life to bring the people alongside him to Washington.”

No one is betting on the outcome here.  Neal has immense amounts of money, the backing of powerful lobbyists, and the support of the Democratic Party establishment.  However, Morse has a substantial grassroots activist base and the endorsements of ORMA, Progressive Democrats, Peace Action, Brand New Congress, the Mass Nurses Association, and many more.  “This would be a tremendous win for the progressive movement,” ORMA co-chair Henry Wortis said. “Now is the time to show our strength.  And one way to do so is GOTV for Alex and win.”   https://alexmorseforcongress.com/volunteer/





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