Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) Newsletter #11 – November 19, 2017November 12, 2017 Our Revolution Massachusetts Members in Quincy, Massachusetts


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We Came, We Listened, We United:

Notes From The Ratification Congress, November 12, 2017

Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) members came from everywhere in the Commonwealth to get a big job done. The Ratification Congress gathered on Sunday, November 12th at the SEIU headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts. Over 120 members of ORMA toiled for over five hours to construct a cohesive group by voting on an Organizational Structure hammered out by an ORMA Transition Team. Of the three models of governance, the Representative Council (RC) model was finally chosen and ratified at this Congress.  In addition sixteen amendments were submitted in writing by members with time allowed for pro and con proponents to speak before voting. The recognized importance of what needed to be done kept a healthy attendance until the last ballot was cast. The rules of the day led to an acceptance that a supermajority vote prevailed. Amendments 1,6,7,11,12,14 passed. The General Assembly, Representative model surpassed with a 60% vote.

At the end of this long day, a general positive feeling pervaded the room. Participants mingled with attendees from various parts of the state, ended with a unity circle, and a strong acceptance of what had been accomplished. Filling slots and bylaws will be needed between now and a January Congress to present an operational governing organization. (See Transition block below for links to the election process.)

For an assessment of how the day went, attendees were interviewed before and after the meeting. Those recordings are featured in an upcoming article.



  • See the full minutes and notes with links or go directly to the topic:
  • Amendment Process
  • Election Process of New Representatives For each interested body (geographic affiliates, virtual affiliates, caucuses, affiliated voters, and unaffiliated voters) expect to receive a streamlined handout specific to its deadlines and rules (so that, for example, unaffiliated voters don’t have to wade through the rules for affiliate elections to get to what they care about).
  • Join a Caucus  Please join the next Inclusion (web) meeting on Monday November 20th at 8pm. To obtain Zoom credentials contact Anosha Siripala adsiripala@gmail.com


  • State-wide: Signature Collection has ended for both the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) Safe Patients Limits Ballot Initiative and the Raise Up Coalition for Economic Justice campaigns. Thank you for volunteering to help get our initiatives on the ballot for 2018!


  • Our Revolution Massachusetts joined the national Our Revolution Action Network system for maintaining a database. ORMA is the State Organizing Committee (SOC) and as an ORMA affiliate, you are eligible to join or “nest” under the ORMA network. The process begins with an invitation for your group.
  • Once you join the network, you will have access to supporters or members in the ORMA database that are located in or around your zip code area. A statewide data base helps new groups to get started in their zip code area.
  • On line training to get groups set up is available. For more information on how your affiliate can get started on the Action Network system, send an email to info@ourrevolutionma.com subject line ORMA Action Network.
  • See a list of ORMA affiliates here



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