Ihssane Leckey endorsed by Fourth Congressional District ORMA members

After carefully assessing the candidates in the Fourth Congressional District, in a process that included a lengthy questionnaire and an online forum, ORMA’s members in that district, via ranked-choice voting, have chosen to endorse Ihssane Leckey for Congress. While there are other candidates in the race to replace Joe Kennedy… Continue reading

Help ORMA continue to transform the Democratic Party!

The last five years have been tumultuous, dangerous, and transformative. Joe Biden’s victory in 2020 represents one major step in removing the tyranny – for now – of Donald Trump’s rule. We have pushed the state and national Democratic Party to adopt many more progressive positions on issues such as… Continue reading

Welcome from the ORMA Coordinating Committee!

The 2021 Coordinating Committee is: Jenni Chute of WorcesterAlex Crowley of the Youth CaucusMartha Karchere of Jamaica Plain ProgressivesHalley Kelly of the LGBTQ+ caucusLesley Phillips, unaffiliated repChris Spears of Blue HillsHenry Wortis of CambridgeThe current co-chairs are Martha Karchere and Henry Wortis. Older info re the CC (hmmm, how much… Continue reading

ORMA’s 2021 General Assembly

The GA is a central feature of the ORMA revolutionary organizing model whereby GA members convene twice a year to discuss major issues facing the organization, the state, and the nation, annually helping to select ORMA’s priority issues and direction, setting a broad general agenda for the Representative Council. Please… Continue reading

Transition Team: Post-Launch Trajectory

Having rocketed skyward from the Masonic Lodge in Shrewsbury on July 29th, the ORMA Transition Team (TT) is in stationary orbit around planet ORMA 1.  Its Coordinating Committee is dedicated to piloting the new team through time-sensitive tasks critical to creating ORMA 2 and making it fit for human habitation…. Continue reading

ORMA Newsletter July 2020

Inside this Issue: Priorities and News | Updates From the Affiliates | Ways to Get Involved in the Revolution | New Book Club Welcome all! Thank you for taking the time to look at our newsletter. We know these are challenging times for all. There are many things happening around… Continue reading

September 2020 Newsletter

Inside this Issue: Priorities and News | Updates from the Affiliates | Ways to Get Involved in the Revolution | New Book Club Happy Primary Day! ORMA has endorsed seven outstanding 2020 candidates in the Massachusetts Democratic Primary taking place on September 1 *TODAY*! Don’t forget to vote if you have… Continue reading

2020 General Assembly

AGENDA 10:00  Welcome to the General Assembly.  What to expect today  10:10  Review ORMA successes   10:20  Hear from endorsed candidates 10:30  Breakout groups – Discussion of ORMA Priorities 11:15  Break 11:30  Report back from breakout groups.    12:00P  Group discussion:  What could ORMA do to make you more engaged in its… Continue reading