Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) Newsletter #1 (6/16/17)

Dear ORMA Community:

ORMA has had some recent remarkable successes because of YOU. Thank you.  Please remember, all of us are always learning and asking how we can better work together.

THAT being said, we have championed positive, progressive impact; just look to this past week!
#1. This past week’s SUCCESSES & WINS:
  1. Millionaire’s tax makes it on the 2018 ballot.
  2. Paid Family and Medical Leave hearing was VERY well-attended!
  3. Last weekend, a group of ORMA members went to the People’s Summit to increase progressive solidarity across our nation– BERNIE was there!

#2. In the News: A great article highlighting ORMA efforts at the convention.

“Sanders Backers Plant Left-Wing Flag in the Massachusetts Democratic Party” http://inthesetimes.com/article/20193

Coming to OurRevolutionMA.com website this week: A gallery of photos from the Democratic State Convention and Hilton Garden Inn pre-convention party.

#3. ORMA Events: (call in details will be posted to ORMA-Discuss@gmail.com*)

  1. Monday  6/19/17 8 – 930 pm: Endorsement and Election Committee. ORMA Point person:  Bruce Taub — brucetaub@gmail.com
  2. Tuesday 6/20/17, special time 730 – 9:30 pm Tuesday : ICC Call. ORMA Point person: Peter Corbett– petercorb2@gmail.com

#4. This Week’s Featured ACTION Events

Tuesday June 20th 11 am Single Payer Health-care Hearing.

  1. On-site point of contact: Alex Place. Afbplace@gmail.com.
  2. Organizing partners: Mass Nurses Association. Mass Care.
  3. Event link: HERE

Tuesday June 20th 1 pm Carbon Pricing Hearing.

  1. On-site point of contact: Alex Place. Afbplace@gmail.com.
  2. Organizing partners: 350 MA, Climate Xchange. CABA.
  3. Event link: HERE

Thursday June 22nd #RedAlert National action (stop the Senate healthcare bill)

  1. Use the hashtag #RedAlert, organize in your town.
  2. Organizing partners: progressivepioneervalley@gmail.com
  3. Join the action call Monday June 19th: 12 noon eastern 605-472-5298 Code# 156917
  4. Check the event link here for updates on organized locations.

Many MORE events HERE on ORMA Calendar: http://ourrevolutionma.com/calendar/

Add Your Event using this form!

#5. Have you Answered our Poll? We are seeking to learn about our community and get feedback every week. Special NEED → When to have the founding convention?

Please make sure you have filled out the ORMA survey on the MA State Convention and next steps.   Click HERE!   Survey closes Sunday at 11pm.

We have had 171 responses so far… and the feedback has been amazing! We are a wide-range of progressives and are happy to be an inclusive organization. We will share survey results next week.   Our diversity and inclusiveness is what makes ORMA special.

#6. This Week’s Question:

What are we missing in the newsletter (keep in mind, this was the first time, so we tried to keep it simple)?? Email: info@ourrevolutionma.com.

#7. INPUT:

  1. Have a question, comment or concern? Email: info@ourrevolutionma.com.
  2. Want to promote an event? Please fill out http://ourrevolutionma.com/calendar/
  3. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and tag us: @OurRevolutionMA & #OurRevMA
  4. *Join the ORMA discussion group by sending a request to ORMA-discuss+subscribe@googlegroups.com

– Alex Place and Nancy Stenberg for ORMA

About the Newsletter

ORMA has launched a bi-monthly newsletter, mailed out to supporters in the first and third weeks of each month.  To submit an article for consideration, email the article (or link to the Google Doc) to newsletter@ourrevolutionma.com.