Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA)

Newsletter #3: July 21, 2017

Hot News

  1. Our Revolution recently launched The Summer for Progress, an organizing drive to demand that House Democrats co-sponsor a “People’s Platform” based on the same principles that drove ORMA’s platform amendments to the state Democratic convention this June.  Sign the petition, and ask your OR affiliate how you all plan to participate!
  2. The Transition Team is more than half-full, and will have its first meeting on July 29th in Shrewsbury.  If you have not yet read up, go straight to the ORMA website, hover over “Affiliates” and click on “Transition Team.”  Has your OR affiliate elected representatives yet? The clock is ticking!

Feature Stories

The ORMA Newsletter expresses gratitude to  Press Liaison and star reporter Andrea Burns for two interview-based articles this mid-month.  

Dispatches from the Field

“Now is the perfect time for progressives who supported Bernie Sanders, to get involved in ORMA.” says Peter Corbett, Coordinator of the ORMA Field Team.  “With local grassroots groups in every corner of the state, we’ll have a strong progressive infrastructure ready-to-go for the next election cycle.”

The capacity of ORMA to support the work of OR affiliates has grown in recent months, and continues to expand. Read about where the Field and Affiliate Services Team (a.k.a “Field”) has been, what’s happening now, where it’s going, and how your OR group can benefit.

Read more: https://goo.gl/B45RD3

ORMA Transition: the Back Story

Caterina De Castillia grew up in Italy, where rich culture and social dynamics are an ancient heritage, and you don’t need a license to kill to have a political discussion.  “There are local groups where you go and have some coffee or some wine and talk politics. There are meetings where you might learn about issues and elect delegates but also they also provide an opportunity to meet friends.”

Over here, De Castillia contrasts, “Neoliberalism has destroyed the sense of community, and this keeps us isolated and powerless.”  Her quest to find or create trust and collaboration in politics is the story of the Transition Team.

In the News…

A Shout-out to Somerville

“Over just a few months, Our Revolution Somerville has held two city-wide meetings as well as listening sessions in every ward. Its members have elected a steering committee and formed subcommittees on organizing communications and finance. It worked in coalition to protest Federal Realty Investment Trust’s request for a waiver on building affordable units at Assembly Square (though that waiver ultimately passed in May), and had large turnout at this year’s state Democratic Party convention.

At the next citywide meeting on July 30, the group will elect a slate of candidates in this year’s municipal election—those that are most likely to push for racial, economic and social justice in the city—and discuss an organizing plan for the upcoming elections.”

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