Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) Newsletter #2 (7/6/17)

Karen Lee, signs up new members for the first meeting of the Our Revolution Springfield affiliate at the Arise for Social Justice Juneteenth Celebration

Dear ORMA Community:

Our Revolution Massachusetts joins the rest of the Our Revolution Community in welcoming Nina Turner as the new president of the board! From the official press release, “Offering a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity, Senator Turner is a captivating orator who puts political and social trends into an unparalleled perspective.” To read more about Nina, click here.

#1. This past week’s SUCCESSES & WINS:

  1. ICC endorses creation of Transition Team to begin work on Founding Convention.  See the ICC notes from the 6/20/17 meeting to read the text of the endorsement.
  1. ICC Call Notes– Once the notes are approved you can find them here. The steps to get to here are: ourrevolutionma.com, hover over “About”, click on Interim Coordinating Committee (ICC), then find here in the first line of the second paragraph.
  2. Our Revolution Somerville finalizes candidate questionnaire and sends it out!!!
  3. MSP Committee moves forward on ORMA’s mission.

#2. ORMA Events:

  1. Monday July 10th, 8 – 930 pm: Endorsement and Election Committee. ORMA Point person: Bruce Taub– brt@brucetaub.net.
  2. 8:00 – 9:30 pm Tuesdays July 11th, 18th, 25th : ICC Call. ORMA Point people: Michael Gilbreath and Nancy Stenberg. To request something for the agenda, email  icc@ourrevolutionma.com.
  3. July 13th– Canvass for Free Public College with PHENOM. Register and more info: ://actionnetwork.org/events/finishlinehearing
  4. July 19th– South Shore Progressives Unite! RSVP.

#3. ORMA Next Steps

  1. Civic Engagement Group: If you are interested in joining an ORMA subcommittee or working group, that will be charged with, among other things, making sure the platform is a document that is followed through on, and how we, as ORMA members, hold our legislators accountable (in general), read more here.
  2. Convention follow-up:
    1. MDP Resolutions Committee Information: From Alex Pratt, Resolutions Subcommittee Co-chair “All of the resolutions submitted by the convention will be given a hearing. When we have a location ready (and we are working on it!) we will send out the time and location far in advance to all the convention delegates and provide a way for them to weigh in prior to the meeting (likely by email or an online web form). We usually would not do this much outreach for a standard resolutions committee hearing, but felt that, given they were submitted by the convention, it was important to open the process to every single delegate.”

#4. INPUT:

  1. Have a question, comment or concern? Email: info@ourrevolutionma.com.
  2. Want to promote an event? Please fill out http://ourrevolutionma.com/calendar/ ***
  3. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and tag us: @OurRevolutionMA & #OurRevMA.
  4. Join the ORMA Discussion Board! Send an email to ORMAdiscuss@googlegroups.com, subject line: join.

#5. In the News:

Bernie Sanders: How Democrats Can Stop Losing Elections

#6. This Week’s Featured ACTION

Volunteers needed to pass out flyers at the Elizabeth Warren Town Hall on Saturday July 8th. Meet up 9:15 am at the entrance to the parking lot. Location: Berkshire Community College, Robert Boland Theater, 1350 West Street, Pittsfield. If you are available, send an email to info@ourrevolutionma.com.

Many MORE events HERE on ORMA Calendar: http://ourrevolutionma.com/calendar/

***“Add Your Event” is also at this link (above).***

About the Newsletter

ORMA has launched a bi-monthly newsletter, mailed out to supporters in the first and third weeks of each month.  To submit an article for consideration, email the article (or link to the Google Doc) to newsletter@ourrevolutionma.com.