* NEW* All Volunteer Action proposes to develop a state wide volunteer network

All Volunteer Action  is an Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) statewide initiative to coordinate actions, signature gathering, phone banks, canvassing and more in support of our endorsed candidates and ballot petitions. 

ORMA recently endorsed several candidates and ballot initiatives that will need “boots on the ground” and powered by the People.  In cooperation with the Civics and Engagement Working Group, Field Operations, The Election and Endorsement Committee and the Volunteer Coordinator for Events, ORMA is taking on the challenge of coordinating a statewide effort to recruit and schedule volunteers to support our endorsed candidates and gather signatures

Great activity for a local affiliate or activist group.

Summary of Initiatives

To qualify for a referendum on the 2018 ballot, 120,000 voter signatures for each petition/ballot question must be collected between Sept. 9-November 15 — and again in a second round in May-June 2018.

Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act.

Raise Up Coalition Economic Justice. Massachusetts campaigns to Raise the Minimum Wage and Paid Family Medical Leave.

Summer For Progress Our Revolution and Summer for Progress are fighting for the #PeoplesPlatform–eight bills currently in the House of Representatives that will address the concerns of everyday Americans. This campaign targets Democratic Representatives, demanding that they make good on the platform.. See this link for the Summer for Progress Action Guide

Great activity for a local affiliate or activist group.

Join ORMA’s All Volunteer Action Team

The goal of All Volunteer Action is to build a networked infrastructure and match volunteers to where they are needed or can offer support. Carpools can be set up if you’re willing to travel and support our candidates. Phone banks and petition gathering can be done anywhere.

Please visit our new All Volunteer Action sign up page here and indicate how you can help or register for updates. 

To donate or make a financial contribution to help fund this effort, click here.

Join ORMA’s All Volunteer Action Team

All Volunteer Action is a statewide initiative to coordinate signature gathering, phone banks, canvassing, and other actions in support of endorsed candidates and issues. Volunteers are needed for all roles, including volunteer organizers. Sign up here and let us know how you can help. Or email info@OurRevolutionMA.com with the subject line – ATTN: VOLUNTEER

In solidarity!