By Donald Green

On November 12, 2017,  five attendees of the Ratification Congress were interviewed before and after the event to get their impressions on their  expectations of the event, and what actually occurred. This reporter wants to thank them for their thoughtful remarks, and honest assessment.

Don Green’s interviewees included:

  1.  J. Michael Gailbraith, ICC and TT member from ORMA Metro West
  2.  Jared Hicks, Boston ORMA member
  3. Linda Carp, Bridgewater Democratic Town Committee member, Bernie supporter, ORMA member
  4. Dylan Clark, member Greater Worcester ORMA, and resident of Barre, Ma
  5. Kevin Costa, ICC member, Fall River resident, liaison RI ORMA

Below are the “before” and “after” segments, with Don introducing.

Segment 2: Michael Gilbreath (before) and Jared Hicks (before)

Segment 3: Linda Carp (before)

Segment 4: Dylan Clark (before)

Segment 5: Kevin Costa (before), Kevin Costa (after)

Segment 6: Dylan Clark (after), Linda Carp (after)

Segment 7: Michael Gilbreath (after)

Segment 8: Jared Hicks (after)