Interview with Kevin Towle, candidate for State Representative in the First Berkshire District

“Even before Senator Sanders announced, I knew he was my candidate,” says Kevin Towle. Towle is running for State Representative in the First Berkshire County, which includes Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Florida, Hancock, Lanesborough, New Ashford and Williamstown.

“Since I studied politics, I thought Sanders’ ideas made a lot of sense and would make a better future for all of us,” Towle continues.

“Growing up working class shaped my ideas about income inequality and economic justice.”

Towle served as Rep. Carridi’s local legislative aide, the job he continues to hold. While he has three other challengers, Towle is the only person with legislative experience running for the seat.

Towle was interested in politics from a very young age. “I started working on a local campaign in my hometown of Southwick when I was 15. After that, I joined the Democratic State Committee and interned with Representative Rosemary Sandlin.”

Towle studied political science at St. Rose in Albany, NY before moving back to Southwick. He was the youngest member of the town committee to be elected chair. Towle and his wife moved to Lanesborough for his wife’s job and he began studying for his masters in Government at Johns Hopkins.

What is the focus of his campaign?  “The overarching one is economic development at both the state and local level.” He is also interested in “Changing how we have a conversation around economic development. For example, we need to create jobs in this district but we also have 1500 jobs that can’t be filled.” There is a need for highly skilled workers and this will require expanding workforce development and education.

“The intersecting issues within economic development are affordable housing and transportation,” says Towle. “Our bus system doesn’t run before 7 am or after 7 pm or on Sundays.” Many people can’t afford a car so such a limited transportation system hobbles workers.

Towle also wants to more effectively leverage the assets the Berkshires has such as tourism and agriculture.

One of the members of Our Revolution in the North Berkshires, Dawn Klein, decided to support his candidacy after a lengthy back and forth on Facebook about his position on the issues.

“We have some of the highest poverty and crime rates in the state,” says Klein. “We need bold, progressive policies to address these problems. Only Kevin Towle has such policies. He is the only candidate who fully supports Our Revolution’s People’s Platform. We need Towle because he will fight for the working class and the poor in our area.”

With the passing of Rep Gail Anne Cariddi earlier this year, there is a special primary on Tuesday, October 10th and a Special Election on November 7th.

Kevin Towle is a candidate for the First Berkshire District in western Massachusetts and includes the City of North Adams,  Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Florida, Hancock, Lanesborough, New Ashford, Williamstown

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