Ihssane Leckey, candidate for Massachusetts’ Fourth Congressional District

After carefully assessing the candidates in the Fourth Congressional District, in a process that included a lengthy questionnaire and an online forum, ORMA’s members in that district, via ranked-choice voting, have chosen to endorse Ihssane Leckey for Congress. While there are other candidates in the race to replace Joe Kennedy who have stood up for progressive values, our members see Ms. Leckey as the candidate who most fully embraces the principles that are the foundation of Our Revolution. Her willingness to challenge Rep. Kennedy before he chose to seek a Senate seat demonstrates the courage and commitment that will make her an outspoken champion of those values. We encourage our members to campaign vigorously for Ms. Leckey and to work closely with her as she fights for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and a genuine commitment to dismantle the systemic racism so deeply embedded in American politics and society.Ms. Leckey immigrated from Morocco when she was 20, initially working sub-minimum-wage jobs to attend community college and then to attend Boston University. After being the first member of her family to graduate from college, she worked as an examiner at the Federal Reserve, where she saw first-hand how the system is stacked in favor of wealthy elites, which reinforced her deep desire to work for social justice.

Ihssane is committed to representing everyone in CD4, including working class people, immigrants, and people of color, who make up such a large part of this gerrymandered district and whose needs are often ignored. Ihssane has made it clear that in the age of Covid-19 her priority issues are unemployment, pending evictions, mortgage foreclosures, new priorities for schools, and police policies and funding.

We congratulate Ihssane and commit to her support. We hope you will consider working for her campaign. You can sign up here.

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