Consistent with priorities established by the ORMA membership, the PACE #DemTransform Subcommittee develops and supports strategies for engaging in organizing activities and for expanding ORMA engagement and power as a progressive change agent within the Democratic Party at the local, regional, and state levels, and develops and executes strategies to transform the Massachusetts Democratic Party to support the ideals and programs being advanced by ORMA members and affiliates.  Members of local Democratic town committees can help PACE with grassroots efforts to lead the state Democratic Party to a more progressive stance and to promote ORMA supported legislative and social action initiatives. Here’s one current way you can help ORMA continue its work to transform the Democratic Party!

Earlier this year ORMA members endorsed five priority issues and indicated strong support for several other issues that did not make it into the top five. Now, we are challenged with working with others to generate enough popular support that our proposals prevail. In these multiple, intense struggles we need to take advantage of every opportunity to press forward on each of these causes.

We have an important opportunity to win support for every one of these issues! That opportunity comes in the form of the creation of the Platform of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.   The Party is asking members and supporters to propose platform planks at upcoming platform hearings.

The 2021 platform is a Blank Slate. If there are ORMA issues that you support passionately, now is the time to demand the party pay attention;

Think about it; with sufficient effort, we can incorporate support for tenant protections, the Fair Share Amendment, Medicare for All, an end to MCAS, a moratorium on construction of new multi-million dollar prisons, an end to limited police immunity, and more into the 2021 Party Platform! A progressive platform would provide a useful foundation for ORMA-endorsed candidates running in local and state-wide elections over the next four years.

To do any of this will take organized effort.   We are asking each of you to promise to advocate for one or more ORMA issues at the upcoming platform hearings.

  • ORMA will sponsor two Platform Meetings (both virtual): Register, attend and voice your opinion July 20th and July 22nd.
  • The Party is organizing platform hearings. It is easy to participate, all will be virtual (see calendar here); You can register to testify here(Participation is limited to registered Democrats, but “unenrolled” voters can easily change their status here.)

Economic Justice? Strong Unions? Green New Deal? Racial Justice? Legislative Transparency?

These are just some of the issues that ORMA members care about. History shows that the Democratic party can be one important tool to achieve progressive goals, but only if progressives demand it.

We need members of ORMA, as well as affiliates, caucuses,  working groups, and members of allied organizations to mobilize for this brief, intense effort.

A final request: Party Caucus attendance has been low this year, applicants for “Add-on” delegate status, especially Youth (under 35), will have a high probability of being accepted this year. We urge you to consider becoming an Add-on delegate (Youth, Minority, Disabled, LGBTQ) because it is the delegates who will vote to amend and approve the platform. You can apply here. (NOTE: The convention will have a virtual participation option, and any platform deliberations and amendments will also be handled virtually.)

The ORMA #DemTransform Team members thank you!

Building a Progressive Democratic Party – Help ORMA Create a Platform that Supports Progressive Values

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