With 76% of the vote, the members of Our Revolution Massachusetts have endorsed Tami Gouveia for Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts!

As Democratic convention delegates look for clear policy differences, Tami distinguished herself as a progressive leader, championing a public health approach to governance, a Green New Deal, and Medicare for All.

In response to our questionnaire, Tami committed to holding annual townhalls with incarcerated citizens, advancing diversification of our judges, promoting healthcare access, and  supporting trans youth. In a live conversation with members, Tami emphasized the importance of creating new alternative local emergency response teams that take these situations out of the hands of police and make communities healthier and safer!

After the live conversation, Tami answered questions that could not be covered during the event. On the subject of representing every region of the Commonwealth, Tami said “As a long-time Lowellian, I know what it feels like to experience divestment from state government and the economic consequences this causes. I believe that in a state that is as rich in resources as we are here in Massachusetts, there is no reason why any community or region of our state should be left behind. I jumped into this race 10 months ago to allow myself and my team ample time to criss-cross the Commonwealth to hear and understand the issues working families are facing and to understand the shared root causes and potential solutions to our state’s most pressing issues. I am committed to maintaining the meaningful relationships I have built with municipal and grassroots leaders. I am committed to working in partnership to identify solutions and investments that unify and benefit the Commonwealth as a whole, whether we are talking about housing and climate policies, or transportation and education, I will ensure geographic diversity at the decision-making table.”


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