“Are you willing to fight for someone you don’t know as much as you’re willing to fight for yourself?”  Bernie Sanders – https://t.co/3QcPdvz8Wy


The effectiveness of the Republican’s ruthless strategy, appointing and electing judges at every level of the judicial system including a stolen Supreme Court seat, spending millions of dollars to take over state governments so they can gerrymander districts to keep Republican control, and suppress voting rights, cannot be denied.


Progressives, human rights activists, Our Revolution revolutionaries, and our allies must fight back using every tactic that we can muster. Demonstrations, marches, civil disobedience, educating, electing, supporting political candidates who understand what is at stake, and encouraging and expanding voting to those most affected, are all part of promoting a just agenda. We urge everyone to join Our Revolution to transform the Democratic Party, elect leaders who build our movement and advocate for our human rights agenda.




  1. Become a member of your community groups and advocate with social or environmental justice non-profits working on these issues. Fight for the world that we believe in!


  1. Connect to THESE valuable resources for details about how to connect to organizing efforts
    1. Locally – https://massbeyondroe.com
    2. Nationally – https://votesaveamerica.com/roe/
    3. Internationally – https://abortionpillinfo.org/

Additionally please consider donating to:


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