Welcome from the ORMA Coordinating Committee!

Welcome from the ORMA Coordinating Committee!

Our Revolution Massachusetts Representative Council (not all members are pictured)

For the last sixteen months, Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) has worked to create a statewide grassroots model, governing structure, and secure the State Affiliate recognition from national Our Revolution. In November, a Representative Council (RC) and Interim Co-Chairs (pictured) were elected by our affiliates.

On February 4th, the new Council came from every corner of Massachusetts to the first in-person meeting held in Marlborough. A seven member Coordinating Committee (CC) was elected to serve as leadership; and the baton was passed from the Interim Coordinating Committee (ICC) – the body charged with shepherding ORMA up to this point – to our new leadership.

Representative Council Interim Co-Chairs Rand Wilson (OR Somerville) and Jeannette Rivera (OR Chicopee), lead the voting to elect the new seven member Coordinating Committee (Co-Chairs) Nichole Mossalam (OR Malden) and Abida Adnan (OR Amherst), and five committee members: Liz Reardon (Unaffiliated), Rand Wilson (OR Somerville), Chris Braiotta (OR Medford), Jeannette Rivera (OR Chicopee) and Marcelle Grair (Women’s Caucus Rep).  At this meeting, bylaws were adopted along with the Bylaws Committee being tasked to oversee this living document, proposals for committee structures were approved, and plans for a new Endorsement Committee were also adopted.

With the Council and foundational structure firmly in place, we’re ready to move forward with our vital and truly revolutionary work! In this spirit, the newly elected CC has hit the ground running and, as one of its first tasks, began coordinating the process of launching action committees. In preparation, the CC carefully reviewed all the work done by committees to date and considered valuable feedback from members. ORMA is now moving forward with the creation of our action committees that will be vital in carrying out the work of this movement.

Committees are member driven and will harness the interests and skills of members to organize, mobilize, and drive the direction of ORMA. Whether you are new to organizing or are a seasoned activist we need your participation and engagement. You won’t be alone.

Members of the Representative Council (RC) will act as liaisons to each committee to help build membership, begin work on tasks, and facilitate elections for a committee chair or co-chairs as quickly as possible. RC liaisons will strive to create an open, inclusive process that encourages participation from all levels of membership within ORMA and its affiliates. They will also ensure a transparent, democratic method for electing committee chairs and a smooth transition from facilitation to electing strong, effective leadership.

Are you ready to begin? Let us know how!
Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) Committees – Members Interest Form

The newly elected Representative Council and Coordinating Committee are eager to take ORMA to the next level of its development and continue this revolutionary movement.

Help us get this party started!


ORMA Coordinating Committee

Abida Adnan  (Co-chair) (OR Amherst)
Chris Braiotta (OR Medford)
Marcelle Grair (Women’s Caucus)
Liz Reardon (Unaffiliated)
Jeannette Rivera (OR Chicopee)
Nichole Mossalam (Co-chair) (OR Malden)
Rand Wilson (OR Somerville)

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