This past year Our Revolution Massachusetts continued its mission to build a political system not ruled by the rich and well connected, and an economy that’s not rigged to reward the 1% at the expense of the rest of us.

  • Endorsing winning progressive candidates in local communities across the Commonwealth, from Greenfield to Randolph, perhaps nowhere more successfully than Medford where 6 Council and 4 School Committee candidates won.
  • We fought for employment laws that grant workers their legal rights and fought against efforts to undermine the Fair Share Amendment with tax cuts for the wealthy.
  • We organized support for legislation to create emergency response (911) systems that don’t use armed police officers.
  • Our Climate Crisis Working Group provided early support to the fight against expansion of private jets at Hanscom airfield, and recruited participants for Extinction Rebellion’s ongoing, daily, protest action at the State House to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure.
  • ORMA members led the fight for a more democratic and active Democratic State Party, winning support for a performance audit of the legislature and a call for immediate action on a state single-payer health insurance plan.
  • We started a bi-weekly newsletter, Organizing Notes, that is regularly read by thousands, telling the stories of our organization, the coalitions we work in, the organizing of our allies, and the challenges we face.

Throughout the year We have offered opportunities to engage in climate, community, education, labor, and social justice struggles that can make a difference.  

To continue and expand this work we need your help. Contribute now to support our digital organizing tools, website maintenance, online communications, digital lobbying tools for contacting legislators, and the cost to create and distribute Organizing Notes.

ORMA doesn’t work alone. ORMA is a founding member of the Massachusetts-Public Equitable Approaches to Community Health Coalition (MA-PEACH) to increase the health, safety, resiliency and equity of the people of the Commonwealth by promoting the efficacy of no-law enforcement, unarmed, community-based response teams for 911 calls.  

ORMA founded the Trees as a Public Good Network, with membership ranging from individuals to the Mass Sierra Club, which engages in struggles across the state to protect forest and urban tree canopy, a critical element in the effort to limit damage from the burning of fossil fuels.

Members of the ORMA Representative Council served key roles in planning the annual conference organized by the MA Progressive Action Organizing Committee (MPAOC) “Strategies To Build Progressive Power”. [ORMA is a founding, member organization, of MPAOC]

Since 2016 ORMA has relied on volunteers for all the work we do. Now, eight years later, that is not sufficient to get the work done. That means we need to raise funds for our small and (with your help) growing staff. To grow our work in 2024 we need to raise $20,000 in the coming weeks. If everyone reading this email contributes we will reach this goal.

We need your support to make polluters pay; to win a ban on cancer-causing, fossil fuel-based, artificial turf; to fund and implement community-based alternative emergency response systems; to turn the Mass Dems resolution votes supporting single-payer health care and Hybrid conventions into actions; to win an audit of the legislature. Make a contribution now to sustain this work.

This coming year will require even more of our time and resources. The threats looming are real and profound. A liveable planet, our freedom to control our bodies and identity, and the foundations of our democracy are all at stake. We look forward to continuing this struggle with you.

With profound gratitude for your ongoing support

Martha Karchere & Henry Wortis

Co-Chairs, Our Revolution Massachusetts


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[2023-02-20] Organizing Notes 26: Support ORMA’s Three Endorsed Candidates For Democratic State Committee, Building Coalitions and Ways to Take Action!
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