ORMA Communications Committee calls for Member Applications

ORMA’s Communications Committee is a “special skills” team, serving the other ORMA committees, caucuses, and affiliates and helping improve the effectiveness of our statewide organization.

Our Revolution MA is a political revolution and there is no revolution without art. The Communications Committee is essential to that and should be a space for us to express our movement’s creativity through words, graphics and more.

The Communications Committee has recently reorganized. All ORMA members are welcome to apply for membership including those with past affiliation with the Committee. The Committee seeks members with demonstrated skills, experience, and the desire to perform tasks such as these:

  • Provide editorial oversight of ORMA web site content
  • Edit documents for clarity, brevity and brand
  • Interview political activists for blogs and newsletter articles
  • Manage social media platforms
    • Document events with photo, video, and social media
    • Manage video recordings, video editing and share on social media
  • Provide support for issue-based campaigns and events
  • Support press and public relations representation for ORMA
  • Design graphics and layouts for print and web
    • Express activist creativity and artwork in the spirit of Our Revolution MA
  • Ability to work as a collective and a team
  • Provide guidance and input in developing long-range visibility and public relations plans, designed to broaden awareness of ORMA and its mission, and engage like-minded individuals in ORMA’s work

Communications has maintained an evolving but steady presence since ORMA’s formation. Service on the Committee adds to a resume and professional portfolio and provides opportunities to build organizational communication and collaboration skills.

Communications Committee member recruitment is ongoing. Co-chairs serve one-year terms. Chairs are selected from and by committee members once a minimum of five members are affirmed by ORMA’s Representative Council (RC).

ORMA’s Communications Committee has a “core” of active members who meet regularly, other committee members may perform narrower functions. and these members do not need to regularly attend meetings. Some Committee members manage ORMA’s digital tools and data and do critical work with potential public and political impact. All ORMA committees, Caucuses, and working groups rely on the Communications Committee to help achieve their goals. The Communications Committee aspires to provide kind, swift, and reliable services to the ORMA community.

To apply to be a member of the Communications Committee, please complete this form and attach a copy of a resume or a statement of relevant skills and experience. The form asks you to briefly describe the tasks and/or functions you would like to serve in Communications, and to describe the skills, training and experience you offer. The Communications Advisory Committee will organize all submitted materials for review/approval by ORMA’s Representative Council.

On behalf of ORMA’s Communications Committee, we welcome your applications and look forward to your new or continued service in this important work. If you have any questions you can contact us at info@ourrevolutionma.com put “Comms Reboot” in the subject line.


The Communications Advisory Committee