Bernie inspired millions. Together we will make a more just society!

Bernie is now the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee – a powerful position!

Noam Chomsky speaks about the Bernie campaign and the obstacles standing in its way. “It’s because he has inspired a mass popular movement which doesn’t just show up every four years to push a button but is acting constantly — pressuring — to achieve changes and having some success. That’s frightening for the business class.”

Visit Bernie’s About page (with a great video reviewing his long history of working for the good of all people) and his Issues page to understand ORMA’s enthusiastic support.

Standing Sitting with the workers, Bernie shows the way.

ORMA members across the Commonwealth were understandably saddened when Senator Sanders suspended his campaign for President. Nonetheless, Bernie’s calls for unity to defeat Trump resonate with our membership.  As Bernie said when endorsing Biden’s presidential candidacy, “I will do everything I can to help elect Joe. We had a contentious campaign. We disagree on issues. But my job now is to not only rally my supporters, but to do everything I can to bring the Party together to see that Trump is not re-elected president.”

We in ORMA know the fight for genuine freedom, democracy, and equality is long.  And we are encouraged by the fact that OR is now an extensive network of thirty statewide organizations in varying stages of development building a broad-based, grassroots, multiracial, economically and environmentally sensitive, national unity movement, including populating the Democratic Party with those who will implement the Progressive Platform. Thank you Bernie!

On March 12, Senator Sanders addressed the Nation on the Health and Economic Crisis then five days later on the Coronavirus Response. The @BernieSanders campaign has stopped actively raising money for his candidacy, but he is using his vast online donor network to raise cash for five different charities. In a matter of two days, Sanders raised $2 million for groups hit hard by the Coronavirus crisis. See more information or donate here.

The campaign has raised over $3.5 million for coronavirus relief efforts through May 7, 2020. Click here to make a contribution to the groups the campaign identified most recently, or here for more info on this effort and Coronavirus Relief Resources.