The 2021 Climate Act passed by the Massachusetts State Legislature aims to get Massachusetts to net zero emissions by 2050. One key step toward that goal is for all new building construction to have net zero emissions. That goal requires a new code—called a stretch energy code—that sets building standards and defines a “net-zero building.”

But the new code proposed by Baker Administration’s Department of Energy Resources (DOER)
· is being rushed through hearings (all in one week) to avoid public input,
· prevents cities and towns from mandating all-electric new construction,
· fails to define a “net-zero building,”
· fails to specify key features of the building performance standards,
· and shifts the net-zero discussion from individual buildings to the entire state electric grid.
In short, the Baker Administration is pandering to the fossil fuel industry by preventing much-needed steps to avert the climate disaster.

State Senators Cynthia Stone Creem and Michael J. Barrett sent a letter calling out these short comings and calling for changes to DOER’s proposal. Creem and Barrett support municipal officials from Lexington, Concord, Brookline, Arlington, and Acton who want to ban fossil-fuel infrastructure in new construction.

Tell Baker and DOER that net-zero means no more reliance on fossil fuels!

Not a lot of time?

Click here to send an email to DOER.

Have more time?

State officials take notice of who tags them on Twitter. Tweet your support for a net-zero stretch energy code that mandates no reliance on fossil fuels and tag:

@MassDOER, @MassGovernor (Gov. Baker), @EEASecretary @ClimateKatie (Kathleen Theoharides, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs)

Sample Tweet:
@MassDOER @MassGovernor @EEASecretary @ClimateKatie We need a true net-zero stretch energy code. Let towns mandate all-electric new building construction to stop fossil fuel reliance! #ClimateCrisis

Have time to dig in?

Testify at a virtual hearing right away! These hearings are geared toward the central and southeastern regions of the Commonwealth, but any resident may testify at them. To register for a virtual hearing, click on the links below:

For Monday, March 7 from 3–5 pm, register here

For Tuesday, March 8 from 3 – 5 pm, register here



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