July 9th, 2024

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The Housing Crisis and How to Deal With it

We make the case that the current high costs of rents and buying a house are a major problem for millions of people. We show that this crisis can only be met by the construction of new housing. But, private developers won’t build because they can’t make a profit under present conditions. This leads us to conclude that the solution is government-financed construction. We show this using graphs, which not everyone is comfortable using, as a source of information.
See if it works for you. 


ORMA Endorses Former Union President for State Rep

ORMA announced its endorsement of Evan MacKay in the Democratic Party primary to be the Representative for the 25th Middlesex District. Evan served as president of the 5000-member UAW student union at Harvard and successfully organized within the reform caucus, Unite All Workers for Democracy (UAWD), to put union members in charge of their union.

Evan is an active member of the LGBTQ+ community and is a leading member of the Boston area movement for an immediate long-term ceasefire in Gaza, the right of Palestinians for self-determination, and an end to US material support for the Netanyahu regime

Evan supports the Green New Deal and rejects the tax breaks for millionaires engineered by Speaker of the House Mariano with support from Marjorie Decker, the incumbent Rep in Middlesex 25.  Perhaps the biggest difference between the candidates is that Evan calls for legislative transparency and democracy while Decker is a consistent supporter of Speaker Mariano, including the practice of hiding legislative votes from public view.
More information on the Evan MacKay campaign can be found here


No, Jamal Bowman’s Supporters did not Move to the Center: 

He was Redistricted

The New York Times, ( The New York Times), and Atlantic pundits, (The Atlantic ), report that Jamal lost because his hard ‘Left’ support for Palestinian rights and a Ceasefire alienated his constituents. Buried in their stories is the fact that his district, formerly 50% in the Bronx with a majority black and brown population and 50% mostly wealthy Westchester whites of whom many are Jewish, was redistricted in 2022. Now 15% of his district is in the Bronx and 85% is in Westchester, fertile ground for AIPAC’s 14 million dollar media campaign against Jamal.  

Over 80% of Jamal’s now tiny Bronx district voted for him, not enough to outweigh the majority of those in Westchester who voted for his opponent. This was not a Democratic shift to more conservative values; this was an object lesson in the importance of district re-configuration, a skill well deployed by Republican strategists since the 2010 census.

Could Jamal Bowman have reached out more effectively to his Westchester constituents? Perhaps, but AIPAC’s $14 million bought a lot of passionate ads accusing Jamal of antiSemitism  and worse.

AIPAC is explicitly targeting vulnerable progressives of color. With a track record of having successfully knocked out multiple progressive Congressional Representative candidates in the 2021 and 2022 primaries, including Nina Turner who initially led by 30-40 points, AIPAC and fellow corporate, pro-Israel lobbyists, like the Democratic Majority for Israel and The United Democracy Project, know that progressives, particularly those of color, are likely to insist that aid to Isarel be contingent on respect of international human rights  Their dark money sometimes funds Republican as well as moderate Democrats and is currently funding Wesley Bell, former campaign manager of an anti-abortion Republican, Cori Bush’s opponent. To contribute to Cori’s campaign:

Pre-dating the war in Gaza, the Pro-Israel lobby and Corporate lobbyists teamed up: they have the same enemy, Progressives.  Defending human rights and supporting legislation to address inequality are anathema to AIPAC, (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), DMFI, (The Democratic Majority for Israel),  and UDP, (the United Democracy Project).   Until now they collected their dark money and undermined Progressive’s campaigns in relative obscurity. Let’s tear off their Invisibility Cloaks and expose their greedy, inhumane treachery


Good News: Developer Environmental Impact Report Rejected

Struggle Continues:

Tell Your Representative to Support Changes to Massport Charter

Swing Blue Alliance carefully selects volunteer programs poised to make the most impact in upcoming elections. Below are the top actions from our calendar to support Democrats in the 2024 election.


The Developers’ DEIR “Does not adequately

and properly comply with MEPA” 

What does this mean? The expansion of luxury private jet hangars at Hanscom has been successfully delayed, thanks to you and your comments! EEA Secretary, Rebecca Tepper, found that the developers’ Draft Environmental Impact Report was inadequate and therefore they must submit a Supplemental DEIR to fill in the mindboggling number of gaps the first report left. She put your comments front and center, citing both Stop Private Jet Expansion’s petition and the approximately 1,500 comments they received on the very first page! Continue Reading HERE


Read the certificate and a number of the comment letters here. 


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