January 9th, 2024

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Organizational Sign on Letter: Investigate Israel’s Human Rights Abuses

ORMA has signed on to support a resolution introduced by Bernie Sanders, which requires a report on Israel’s human rights practices and U.S. military aid to Israel, reasserting Congressional oversight powers over U.S. arms transfer policy and foreign policy. S.Res.504.

While Senator Elizabeth Warren has endorsed, Senator Markey has not yet. If you belong to another organization, Church, ward committee, neighborhood group…), please urge them to add their name to this letter supporting this resolution. Please forward this link to your contacts with the ability to sign on for Massachusetts organizations.

 After months of devastation in Gaza, there is urgent need for a meaningful debate on U.S. support for Israeli operations in Gaza and the West Bank, including the extent to which U.S. military aid may be supporting violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.


Is Ayanna Under


Rumors are flying that AIPAC, (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), has Representative Ayanna Pressley in its cross-hairs, (Politico, Dec11). The Boston Herald (Dec 6) wrote that Josh Kraft, son of Robert Kraft, a billionaire donor to AIPAC,

bought property in the North End, perhaps to establish residency so he can challenge her in the upcoming primary. Accusing Representative Pressley of anti-semitism because of her calls for a cease-fire in the Israeli war against Gaza, AIPAC is following a script perfected in the years after her election and that of progressives Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez.

Joined by DMFI, (Democratic Majority for Israel), AIPAC built up its coffers by accepting money from wealthy donors in the US and abroad including the countries of Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, and Israel, to wage war on candidates and policies which seek to impose conditions on US military funding of Israel. Using millions of dollars of dark money, (donors are anonymous), AIPAC, DMFI, and a newer super PAC, The United Democracy Project, funded with $8.5 million from AIPAC and others to accumulate a $30 million war chest, began targeting progressive candidates in the Democratic primaries. Pro-Israel lobbyists have joined forces with wealthy donors who oppose candidates with social justice goals to be funded by increased taxes on the wealthy and corporate regulation. Reasoning correctly that young progressive House members would not be willing to sign unrestricted, multi-billion dollar checks to underwrite Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, these lobbying organizations set about spending vast sums of money to undermine the credibility of progressive candidates. Continue reading


At this forum, you will hear stories from people facing personal housing crises. You will learn how many people in the Commonwealth are unhoused and which populations are most at risk. You will learn about emergency measures, including rent control, that are needed now, and strategies for implementing them. You will also learn how many new units of housing need to be built to make a significant difference to people who need suitable housing.  You will also learn what for-profit developers can provide to solve the crisis. Finally, you will learn about two new programs, community land trusts and social housing that provide practical solutions to some of our biggest challenges. 

The forum is brought to you by the Mass Progressive Action Organizing Committee (MPAOC); a coalition that includes Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution, Massachusetts Peace Action, North American Indian Office in Boston, Our Revolution-Massachusetts, Progressive Dems of America-Mass, Progressive Mass, and representatives of three Massachusetts DSA affiliates. MPAOC is working with Homes for All and City Life/Vida Urbana.

The Forum includes presentations by Caroline Bays (PM), Martin Omasta (DSA), Katie McCann (CL/VU), Carolyn Chou (HFA), Minnie McMahon (Dudley St. Community Land Trust), Mark Martinez (Mass Law Reform Institute), and Representative Mike Connolly.


Activist Afternoon Are Back for 2024!

For nearly three years, Activist Afternoons was a weekly space in Cambridge open to all for postcards, phone banking, training, and more. Now we’re celebrating the return of Activist Afternoons!


Meet fellow activists and organizers and make plans to have an impact in 2024. We’ll ease into action with food and fun, then try out a few postcards and phone calls to voters and volunteers.


Activist Afternoons will  be held on the first and third Sundays from 4-6PM at the St. James Episcopal Church in Porter Sq., Cambridge, MA.


 Join us and make change for democracy!  SIGN UP HERE!


After endless delay—much of it brought to you by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and members of the Koch clan—Vineyard Wind has begun producing power. As the Guardian reports,

The first wind turbine in the Vineyard Wind development started to whirr on Tuesday, delivering around 5MW of power to the New England grid. The operator of the project said it expects to have five turbines operational in the early part of this year, before eventually having 62 turbines as part of the project, which will produce enough electricity to power 400,000 homes.

“This is a historic moment for the American offshore wind industry,” said Maura Healey, the governor of Massachusetts . “This is clean, affordable energy made possible by the many advocates, public servants, union workers and business leaders who worked for decades to accomplish this achievement.”


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