December 27, 2023

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Support for Ceasefire in Israel/Palestine Grows

On December 15th the ORMA Representative Council endorsed the following Ceasefire Resolution. In that spirit, we ask our members to call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-225-3121 to let Reps. Clark, Keating, Lynch, Moulton, Neal, and Trahan know of our disappointment with their vote to increase weapons spending in the most recent huge military spending bill. Also inform Senators Warren and Markey and Reps. Auchincloss, McGovern, and Pressley of our appreciation that they voted against the bill.

Our Revolution Massachusetts calls for an immediate humanitarian  cease-fire in Israel-Palestine

Whereas Hamas committed terrorist acts in Israel on October 7, killing approximately 1,200 people and seizing 240 hostages, and,

Whereas Israel then launched brutal attacks on the Palestinian people with the devastating results of approximately 17,000 civilian deaths, of which 70% were women and children and has jailed hundreds of Palestinians without charges, and,

Whereas except for a seven-day humanitarian pause, according to the United Nations, an unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe has unfolded with the displacement of 1.7 million people who have limited, or no, food, water, or medicine, and many are without any shelter at all. 40% of housing has been damaged or destroyed, and hospitals have been bombed in violation of International Humanitarian Law.

Therefore, we join with many groups, including the United Nations General Assembly, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, World Health Organization, Save the Children, UNICEF, Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders,  Rabbis for Human Rights, and Combatants for Peace, in urgently calling for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire, and,

Therefore, we demand that the United States abandon its policy of providing military aid to the Netanyahu government of Israel that is waging this genocidal war, and, 

Therefore, we call for the safe release of all hostages and detainees on both sides and,

Therefore, we call for negotiations between Israel and Palestine for a permanent solution to territorial disputes, and,

Therefore, we call for an end to antisemitism, Islamophobia, and all forms of bigotry


This past year Our Revolution Massachusetts continued its mission to build a political system not ruled by the rich and well connected, and an economy that’s not rigged to reward the 1% at the expense of the rest of us. 


  • Supporting winning progressive candidates in local communities across the Commonwealth, from Greenfield to Randolph, perhaps nowhere more successfully than Medford where 6 Council and 4 School Committee candidates won.

  • We fought for employment laws that grant workers their legal rights and fought against efforts to undermine the Fair Share Amendment with tax cuts for the wealthy. 

  • We organized support for legislation to create emergency response (911) systems that don’t use armed police officers. 

  • Our Climate Crisis Working Group provided early support to the coalition fighting the expansion of Hanscom Airfield for private jets and recruited participants for the Extinction Rebellion State House ongoing, daily protest action to stop fossil fuel infrastructure. 

  • ORMA members led the fight for a more democratic and active Democratic State Party, winning support for a performance audit of the legislature and a call for immediate action on a state single-payer health insurance plan.

  • We started a bi-weekly newsletter, Organizing Notes, that is regularly read by thousands,  telling the stories of our organization, the coalitions we work in, the organizing of our allies, and the challenges we face.


ORMA doesn’t work alone. ORMA is a founding member of the Massachusetts-Public Equitable Approaches to Community Health Coalition (MA-PEACH) to increase the health, safety, resiliency and equity of the people of the Commonwealth by promoting the efficacy of no-law enforcement, unarmed, community-based response teams for 911 calls.  

ORMA founded the Trees as a Public Good Network, with membership ranging from individuals to the Mass Sierra Club, which engages in struggles across the state to protect forest and urban tree canopy, a critical element in the effort to limit damage from the burning of fossil fuels.

Members of the ORMA Representative Council served key roles in planning the annual conference organized by the MA Progressive Organizing Committee (MAPOC)  “Strategies To Build Progressive Power”. [ORMA is a founding, member organization, of MAPOC]


Since 2016 ORMA has relied on volunteers for all the work we do. Now, eight years later, that is not sufficient to get the work done. This year we hired our first part-time staff person, Becc O’Brien. Becc has been instrumental in allowing us to sustain our bi-weekly newsletter Organizing Notes. We also secured the services of a web designer who led us through the revamp and updating of the ORMA website. 


This coming year will be challenging. The threats looming are real and profound. A liveable planet, our freedom to control our bodies and identity, and the foundations of our democracy are all at stake. We look forward to continuing this struggle with you.


At this forum, you will hear stories from people facing personal housing crises.  You will learn how many people in the Commonwealth are unhoused and which populations are most at risk.   You will learn about emergency measures, including rent control, that are needed now, and strategies for implementing them.  You will also learn how many new units of housing need to be built to make a significant difference to people who need suitable housing.   You will also learn what for-profit developers can provide to solve the crisis. Finally, you will learn about two new programs, community land trusts and social housing that provide practical solutions to some of our biggest challenges. 

The forum is brought to you by the Mass Progressive Action Organizing Committee (MPAOC); a coalition that includes Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution, Massachusetts Peace Action, North American Indian Office in Boston, Our Revolution-Massachusetts, Progressive Dems of America-Mass, Progressive Mass, and representatives of three Massachusetts DSA affiliates. MPAOC is working with Homes for All and City Life/Vida Urbana.

The Forum includes presentations by Caroline Bays (PM), Martin Omasta (DSA), Katie McCann (CL/VU), Carolyn Chou (HFA), Minnie McMahon (Dudley St. Community Land Trust), Mark Martinez (Mass Law Reform Institute), and Representative Mike Connolly.



      If you would like to work with ORMA Members on

  • Climate Change
  • Community-Based Alternative Emergency Response Teams
  • Ranked-Choice Voting
  • Housing For All       

ORMA depends on your support to continue Bernie’s Political Revolution to create a society, a politics, and an economy that works for everyone, not just billionaires, corporations and the political elite.

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