Announcing Elections For The Two Unaffiliated Positions on the Representative Council

Dear Unaffiliated ORMA members,


We need your skills and your energy! ORMA’s Representative Council has two empty positions for Unaffiliated Representatives. Unaffiliated members are all ORMA members who are not currently a member of an active affiliate.  The majority of ORMA members are unaffiliated.


Our by-laws call for each active ORMA affiliated group to send one representative and for unaffiliated members to elect two representatives to the Representative Council and for elections to be held yearly, (apologies, we are behind). The Representative Council is the leadership of ORMA and makes all policy decisions. The duties of Representatives are to attend monthly virtual Representative Council meetings and join at least one committee or working group.  

If you are interested, please fill out the Google form  Unaffiliated ORMA RC Nomination Form



Call for nominations: 10/31/23 through 11/9/23

Ballot open for voting for Unaffiliated Reps: 11/13/23 through 11/19, 11:59 pm

An announcement of the results will be made shortly after that.


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