July 25, 2023

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Support Unarmed Community Based

Emergency Response Legislation

CRESSin Amherst (Community Responders for Equity, Safety and Service)   

As an Organization or a member of an organization which  has previously supported the no cost calls initiative and other decarceral issues, we, MA PEACH ( Massachusetts Promoting Equitable Approaches to Community Health), hope you will support this bill. Click HERE to read the Bill. Please share this flier with your networks and members.

Also please ask your electeds to co-sponsor the bill to help ensure its successful passage into law.  Ask your Representative to co-sponsor H.2264 HERE and your Senator to co-sponsor S.1407 HERE.

As many of you know, well over 90% of 911 calls are for nonviolent emergencies, that is, for wellness checks, reported vagrancy, and personal crises. When 911 responders are armed police, violence frequently results, and the needs of the person who is the focus of the call too often are ignored. MA Peach, (Massachusetts Promoting Equitable Approaches to Community Health), a new coalition of organizations including Our Revolution MA and Cape Cod DSA, as well as individuals, supports and promotes new emergency response models that focus on public health and addressing underlying problems. GET INVOLVED. There are already several alternative 911 response programs in Massachusetts.  Amherst launched CRESS (Community Responders for Equity, Safety & Service) in August of 2022, Northampton will inaugurate a similar service in 2023, and the Cambridge City Council just voted to launch HEART (Cambridge Holistic Emergency Alternative Response Team). 



Support HD. 4420 An Act

to Modernize Firearm Laws

We need to meet our gun violence crisis with urgent, united action – every day we wait, more lives are lost!

Survivors, advocates, and violence prevention workers across the Commonwealth are eagerly awaiting action on this bill.

Please ensure HD.4420 (An Act Modernizing Firearm Laws) receives a hearing before the Legislature breaks for the August recess.  Please tell your state representative and senator to break the grid lock and bring this bill to the floor for a vote.  

Support Universal

School Meals

The federal support for universal school meals is now over, now states need to lead. It’s time to make universal school meals permanent, not just a temporary pandemic measure.

Earlier this week, the Joint Education Committee held a hearing on universal school meals at the State House. And they are still accepting written testimony.

Can you submit testimony about the importance of universal school meals in your community?

The Feed Kids Coalition also has a social media toolkit to help amplify support for universal school meals.

Progressive Mass is continuing it’s activist Sundays. Sign up — and share the link — here We will be using this series to make calls to voters about calling their legislators on key issues. It’s a great activity for long-time activist pros as well as people looking to dip their toes in. You may remember that JPP had an ongoing Activist Afternoon in the pre-pandemic days–now that PM is starting one we’ll have even greater reach!


We need your help!  As dedicated volunteers, you have the power to engage local legislators in meaningful conversations that address our concerns. In an effort to maximize our impact we are creating questions for you to have ready when the time presents itself.  Let’s come together and ask our local leaders thought-provoking questions that delve into the heart of our most pressing issues.


Ranked Choice Voting:


“In our current system of plurality voting, multiple candidates split the vote in politically active communities, contenders for office insult and denigrate each other causing voter disaffection, re-elected incumbents become entrenched and candidates are often elected with far less than majority support.  As someone seeking elected office, will you support ranked choice voting in your community, state and in national elections?”

Please see other questions HERE


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  • Climate Change
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  • Ranked-Choice Voting
  • Housing For All       

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