TEAM Responsibilities

Inclusion Team meetings are held bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 8pm starting December 6th via Zoom. For meeting credentials, questions about caucuses and how to join please contact:


An important part of the new organizational structure is to create forums for communities who have historically been marginalized or underrepresented. To this end, the Inclusion Team has assisted with the formation of seven caucus groups. These groups are eligible to elect representation to ORMA’s new leadership body.*Please note this will not be the only opportunity to form a caucus, and several of those created have plans to branch out in the future.

Thank you to the members below who have volunteered to act as a point person until a chair of the group is elected.  Please contact the member directly or see their social media page.

Caucus List and Meetings

LGBTQIA+ Caucus 
Contact: Matt Hughes email:
Google Group:
Next Meeting: TBD using this poll –
Between Monday, Jan. 22 and Monday, Jan. 29 – Candidate Forum

Working/Poor Class Caucus 
Contact: Eric Beechwood, 
Facebook:  Working/Poor Class Caucus FB
Google Group:
Next Meeting: Thursday, Jan 11 at 7pm

Youth Caucus
Contact: Alex Place email:
Google Group:!forum/orma-youth-caucus
Next Meeting: TBD using this poll –

Disability Caucus
Google Group:
Next Meeting: TBD using this poll –

Immigrant Caucus
Google Group:
Next Meeting: TBD using this poll –

People of Color (POC) Caucus
Contact:  Leyla Isik email:
Google Group:
Next Meeting: TBD using this poll –

Women’s, Femme, Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Caucus
Contact: Alexa Reed  email:
Google group:!forum/orma-wftgnc-caucus
Facebook Group: WFTGNC Caucus FB group
Next Meeting: Wednesday, Jan. 10 at 7:30pm – Candidate Forum