SAVE THE DATE! Sunday November 12th will mark ORMA’s transition into a representative, action-oriented, revolutionary force in Massachusetts!  Please join us for a ratification of our organizational structure and celebration of our grassroots community.

Quincy SEIU Hall

10:00 am to 5:00 pm

108 Myrtle Street

Quincy, MA 02171


This page  is a reference point for the formation of a Transition Team (TT) to guide ORMA toward a Founding Conference in the fall of 2017.

Five Working Groups (“Bucket Groups”)

  • Communications – Vicki Dzindzichashvili, Bottom-Liner
    Responsible for internal/external communications regarding the transition team.
  • Outreach & Inclusivity – Jeannette Rivera, Bottom-Liner
    Responsible for ensuring that ORMA is able to represent all underrepresented communities, as well as increasing our membership in raw numbers.
  • Program – Bruce Taub, Bottom-Liner
    Responsible for what happens during the convention (speakers, breakout sessions, workshops).
  • Structure – Caterina Strambio De Castillia, Bottom-Liner

    Responsible for developing options for ORMA’s internal structure and means of decision making.

  • Logistics – Caterina Strambio De Castillia, Bottom-Liner
    Responsible for planning the non-program elements of the convention: where, when, housing, transportation.

Group Resources


  • TBA. The agenda will be sent out at least one week in advance for suggestions and changes from the TT. It will definitely include time for each working group to present on their work, so come prepared to do that. Please feel free to write to us with suggested agenda items.

Community Agreements

Consider our community agreements from the meeting whenever you communicate with the group, especially over email. We’re all in this fight together. Let’s remember that the tone we set will undoubtedly influence the convention.

  • When sending/replying to an email, consider whether it really needs to be sent to the whole group. Debates and arguments, in particular, should not be broadcasted to the email list. We can expect to disagree on a lot of things, but ongoing email arguments are demoralizing and result in an unmanageable volume of email.

  • We will strive to avoid personal criticisms, and focus on debating our ideas in a positive and collaborative way. We will arrive at the best outcome if we create a safe space to disagree.

  • We will be honest in our feedback with each other, while assuming good intentions on the part of others.

Please email with questions.