Representative Council Biographies

The Representative Council (RC) was established in December 2017 and is composed of elected members from every Massachusetts local affiliate, caucus, and two unaffiliated representatives. The purpose of the Representative Council is to foster member, affiliate and caucus collaboration and set priorities and policies guiding the political program and direction of Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA).

The ORMA Coordinating Committee (CC) provides the leadership direction of Our Revolution Massachusetts. As of March 2019, there are five members. Email the Coordinating Committee. The current committee includes:

Henry Wortis – Co-chair
Kevin Costa – Co-chair
J. Michael Gilbreath
Alex Crowley
Judith Conrad

Representative Council Members (in alphabetic order):

Robin Bergman (Arlington) Our Revolution Arlington

Committees: TBD
Passionate Issue

Jaime Budden (Randolph) ORMA Randolph

I am a thirty year old freelance artist living in Randolph, Massachusetts. At the age of twelve, I was separated from my little sister and put into foster care until we were adopted and reunited some time later by our aunt. Growing up, I used art and creativity to cope with that chaos. When it came time to go to college in 2006, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I had no reason to believe that I would regret it. In 2010, I left the Art Institute of Boston with a BFA  in Animation, got an unpaid internship and entered the new gig economy. I’ve worked on shows for TV and web, advertisements and one made-for-TV movie. Despite being personally touched by many of the issues plaguing Americans, my adopted family was fiercely apolitical. After college, I began to form a social consciousness. Although I landed my “dream job,” it was barely enough to cover both student loan payments and basic living expenses. While walking home from work one day in 2011, I was drawn to a protest downtown where there was a sign that read “If you can’t afford to be here, you belong here”. I pitched a tent at Occupy Boston shortly after and the experience changed my life. Since then I’ve been committed to social and political change.

Committees: TBD
Passionate Issue:
Money in Politics, Mental Health Awareness, Student Loan Debt, Ending Police Brutality

Bob Burke (Newton) Our Revolution Newton

has been a progressive activist since Adlai Stevenson’s 1956 Presidential campaign and active with many state and local progressive, environmental and labor candidates in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Virginia. He was co-chair of Bernie’s Newton campaign, a member of “Veterans for Bernie Sanders”, organized volunteers and carpools to every New England state and fully supported the Senator’s passionate campaign.  

Bob served in the Navy as the Ship’s Intelligence Officer on the aircraft carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt. He later worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. where he wrote technical documents and organized public outreach programs in support of air pollution control and climate change initiatives. He’s an elected member of the Newton Highlands Area Council which works with city and state officials on issues affecting small businesses, affordable housing, transportation, historic preservation and low income and elderly services.   

Committees: TBD
Passionate Issue:
environmental justice, worker rights, citizen activism, single payer, reversing gross income inequality & overturning disastrous trade deals

Anthony Collins (Boston) People of Color Caucus

I’m a recently graduated student who’s recognized the need for political activism among young people. I’ve had experience in both a public defender’s office and a probation office, both of which have led me to adopt criminal justice reform as the issue that interests me the most.

Recently I worked on Ayanna Pressley’s campaign for Congress, serving as a field organizer in which a large part of my job was activating students and recruiting volunteers. It was this campaign that showed me the power of Boston’s student population and how activating them can make a very sizable and noticeable difference in our city and state’s politics.

Committees: TBD
Passionate Issue:

Judith Conrad (Fall River) Working Poor Caucus

Lifelong musician, performer on harpsichord, clavichord and piano, church organist choir-director, piano teacher, keyboard technician specializing in historical tunings, also plays keyboard in jazz bands and trombone in community bands, gives piano lessons, whatever it takes. She is longtime secretary of the Fall River Democratic City Committee and chair of her ward, was active in the nuclear freeze movement in the 1980’s and was president of the Greater Fall River Committee for Peace and Justice. She is the originator of the conceit “Clavichordists for World Peace”, on the board of the Historic Keyboard Society of North America and is also involved in the Fall River Symphony Society, the New England Wildflower Society, Native Seeds/Search and the Great Bear Foundation.

Committees: Electoral Issues, Communications and Coordinating Committee
Passionate Issue: Peace, Environment and the Arts

Kevin Costa (Fall River) Our Revolution Greater Fall River

Kevin is a politics and economics analyst for Radio France International’s Portuguese language service that provides in-depth coverage and analysis of American politics for multiple audiences in Europe, Africa, and Brazil.  His areas of foci are the financial crisis, the great recession, the restructuring of the global financial infrastructure, the crisis of the Euro, the crisis in Ukraine, American healthcare policy, and post-Ferguson race relations.

He regularly serves on panels at the annual meetings of the New England, Northeastern, and American Political Science Associations, and on an ad hoc basis at other academic conferences at home and abroad. Kevin served as a member of the Our Revolution Massachusetts Interim Coordinating Committee (ICC) and as the ICC Representative to the Transition Team. He is also a member of the Our Revolution Rhode Island Executive Board.

Committees: TBD
Passionate Issue:

Alex Crowley (Weymouth) Youth Caucus

Alex Crowley is a young passionate politically active member of the Political Revolution. His focus is on voter rights and youth representation. Alex is an a proud Eagle Scout who was taught and raised learning about the importance of civic engagement and the most important rule in the Scout Law; to be trustworthy, he hopes to pass on those ideals to our future generations. Alex is a part of the Executive Board of South Shore Young Dems, an Associate Member of the Weymouth Democratic Town Committee, a member of the MassDems Youth Subcommittee, a member of Voter Choice MA (RCV), a member of the OR Weymouth Affiliate and much more. He looks forward to continuing to bring a voice to the the RC on behalf of young progressives.

Committees: FAST and Coordinating Committee
Passionate Issue

Josie Curley (Brewster) Our Revolution Cape Cod & Islands

Brewster resident and member of the Brewster Democratic Town Committee. Our Revolution Cape Cod Affiliate member since it inception.

Committees: TBD
Passionate Issue
social justice

Enid Eckstein (Boston) Jamaica Plain Progressives

Enid Eckstein is a long time union and community activist.  She started her union career working for Chrysler in Detroit as a member of the UAW and later with the AFL-CIO in Washington, DC.  Enid spent most of her adult career working in various capacities with SEIU including as Vice President responsible for hospitals and nursing homes in the union’s jurisdiction. Since leaving 1199 SEIU, Enid has worked as a consultant to the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, coordinating a campaign to prepare public sector unions for an attack by the US Supreme Court this spring and has been active building a community coalition to campaign for greater hospital accountability. For the last two years, Enid has been active with JP Progressives, supported Bernie and traveled to New Hampshire multiple times to canvass and then to campaign against Trump.  She led the Raise UP signature collection effort in JP, and worked to build support for the criminal justice reform legislation and Safe Communities Act.  She works closely with the Massachusetts Community Action Network, a statewide grouping of local faith based coalitions active on criminal justice reform.

Committees: TBD
Passionate Issue
social justice

J. Michael Gilbreath (Wayland) Our Revolution Metro West

is married with two adult children and a graduate of Boston University School of Education and Harvard Kennedy School of Government, he is employed with Brandeis University as a senior administrator. Michael is an amateur genealogist, family historian, mediocre guitar player, and long-time Deadhead who believes it takes a community to raise a revolution.

Michael began his political life at age 7 silk-screening “Freedom Now” T-shirts in 1959.  He licked envelopes for the United Farm Workers in 1967, got “Clean for Gene” in 1968, co-coordinated Roslindale for Mel King Mayoral campaign in 1983, volunteered for Jesse Jackson in 1984 & 1988 and provided weekly food deliveries to Occupy Boston in 2013.  An active member of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) since 2007, he joined the PDA “Run Bernie Run” campaign in 2014 and organized the first MetroWest Sanders for President event in June 2015.  Michael was a Sanders Delegate and “whip” during the 2016 convention and is a member of the MA Democratic State Committee.

Committees: served on the Interim Coordinating Committee, the Finance and Legal team, and is ORMA’s designated Liaison to OR National and served on the Elections Implementation Committee following the Ratification Congress.
Passionate Issue: Economic Inequality sustained by structural racism and corporate control of our economic & political structures

Matthew Hughes (Medford) Our Revolution Medford

Matt is a software engineer at edX, building tools for enabling worldwide learning. They hold two bachelors degrees in technical fields, and currently sit on the Board of Trustees for a Medford cooperative called the Spirit of 76. They’ve worked fervently on school committee elections and ballot initiatives since they moved to Medford in 2017.

Committees: Tech Committee
Passionate Issue:
Queer Liberation

Liz Reardon (Weymouth) Our Revolution Weymouth: Leading the Wey

Liz has been volunteering in non-profit leadership positions since 2005, organizing local and international community service projects to “save the world”. After the tragedy of Travyon Martin’s death in 2012, Liz changed her priorities and begun to focus on the social injustices at home through political action. After many rallies/marches, and volunteering for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, Our Revolution National sent her a text message about her local caucus in February 2017. Once she figured out what a caucus was, she became a delegate for the last Democratic state convention and “whipped” for her senate district to help pass the historically progressive platform for the state party. She now serves as the Vice Chair of South Shore Young Democrats to help move the party in a more progressive direction, coordinates the South Shore chapter of We the People MA to overturn Citizens United, and is an Associate Member of the Weymouth Democratic Town Committee working on local campaigns in her town. Her “day job” consists of managing Health Information Technology projects for a locally-based non-profit.

Committees: Tech Committee
Passionate Issue
Racial and Economic Justice

Larry Rich (Somerville) Our Revolution Somerville

Lawrence (Larry) Rich has lived in Somerville for over 35 years and, with his wife, raised 3 children in the city. He is currently retired from engineering, manufacturing, and business careers but keeps busy with real estate development and management with interests in a low carbon footprint and in affordable housing.

He is currently on the steering committee of Our Revolution Somerville (ORS). He was an alternate delegate for Bob Massie (for Governor) at the State Democratic Convention. In addition has worked on campaigns for Mark Niedergang for Alderman at Large, for Pat Jehlen for state senator, for Jill Stein for governor, for Bob Massie and Elizabeth Warren for Senator and for Bernie Sanders for President. He supported the ORSomerville slate of Aldermen, a living wage for the Clarendon Hill Development, the Community Benefits Agreement for Union Square and the PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) negotiations with Tufts University. He has represented ORS at the Climate Coalition of Somerville and sat on a City of Somerville Climate Forward working group; He is a member of the Social Action Committee at Temple B’nai Brith and participates in the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO); he is on the steering committee of the Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur, is a member of the New Hampshire Rebellion (to get money out of politics), a member of Voter Choice (for ranked choice voting), a member of SCATV and a former member of the board of the Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS).

Committees: Pending
Passionate Issue

Jeannette Rivera (Chicopee) Our Revolution Chicopee

Has been active in community work since her teens. She was VP for the Youth of Westfield Spanish American Association (Y.O.W!) program, YMCA Leaders program, helped to prepare first generation and academically at risk high school students for college through Holyoke Community Colleges Upward Bounds program. She attended UMASS Amherst with a focus on Anthropology, Gender and Indigenous studies. She participated in ALANA Affairs, a multicultural and educational support agency, which served the needs of African, Latinx, Asian/ Pacific Islander, and Native American students. Bernie Sanders reignited her hope for a just political system and after protesting the DNC in Philly, she has campaigned, raised funds, canvassed and phone banked for progressive candidates. She followed her new political passions and joined ORMA, aspiring to create a political system that enhances the voices of the marginalized, raises political consciousness and promotes a progressive agenda.

Committees:  Served as an unaffiliated member on the Transition Team and the TT Structure committee. Served on ORMA’s Elections Implementation Committee after our Ratification Congress. Currently serves on the Inclusion and FAST committees. 
Passionate Issue
Racial Justice and Women’s Rights

Garret Whitney (Concord) Our Revolution Concord Area

Passionate Issue:

Henry Wortis (Cambridge) Our Revolution Cambridge

I was born into a family of left-wing NYC activists and began producing my first leaflets in high school in the late 1940s. I was chair of one of the few Marxist political groups on a college campus in the early 50s. The self-destruction of the pro-Soviet left in the mid-fifties left me and others adrift. By the 60s, the Cuban Revolution, the Civil Rights movement, the war against imperialism in Vietnam and the new left brought me to life again. In Boston in the 70s and early 80s I did some work around housing and hospital work but my main interest was in Angry Arts, a small collective that for 14 years showed monthly film shows. After another quiet period Bernie showed me and thousands of others how we could create a political revolution. I make my living as an academic scientist.

Committees: Coordinating Committee
Passionate Issue:

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