Our Revolution Massachusetts Endorses Ed Markey

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Following a meticulous process that featured membership engagement at every step, ORMA members have overwhelmingly endorsed Senator Ed Markey for re-election by a margin of 90% to 10% for his challenger, Rep. Kennedy.

ORMA is immensely grateful to both Senator Markey and Representative Kennedy for their enthusiastic participation in the ORMA endorsement process. Both candidates submitted letters to our membership addressing their qualifications and outlining their positions on issues, and then participated in live Q&A sessions with our members, which can be viewed here.

Turn this endorsement into meaningful action – visit the Markey Campaign here and here.

Senator Markey won our members’ trust so overwhelmingly because at every step of our evaluative process the differences between the candidates’ policies and priorities were clear.

Senator Markey was the only candidate to put forward a labor agenda, citing his advocacy in the fight for $15, the fight to expand public sector unions, and the fight to safeguard union elections. He was also the only candidate to put forward an immigrant agenda, citing his work to defend refugees with the Grace Act and to protect DACA and TPS recipients. Members also noted Senator Markey’s support for Rep. Pressley’s “baby bonds” bill to close the racial wealth gap, and his work with Senators Sanders and Warren, and Reps. McGovern and Pressley, to suspend the Iran sanctions that exacerbate the COVID-19 crisis.

Since winning a special election in 2013 Senator Markey has amassed a solid record on environmental, climate, gun safety, and consumer protection issues. He co-authored the Green New Deal, and his leadership has led to legislation to address the humanitarian crisis on the Mexican border, as well as protect LGBTQ+ rights, and ensure that Donald Trump cannot launch a nuclear first strike without Congressional approval.

Senator Markey has demonstrated he will push the Senate to live up to the promise of racial justice, economic justice, and a livable planet for all. We look forward to working with Senator Markey as he plays a leading role in pursuing equal rights for working families, the most vulnerable and exploited among us, and to ensuring a “Recovery for All” in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Markey campaign quickly responded to news of ORMA’s endorsement, “Our Revolution Massachusetts members are staunch defenders of the environment and proponents of a Green New Deal, Medicare For All, and affordable housing, all of which lie at the heart of this election, and I am honored to receive their endorsement,” said Markey. “The effectiveness of movements depends on the kind of people-driven advocacy that ORMA practices and that I have the privilege of championing everyday. I believe that by working together we can achieve the real, structural change that we need.” The endorsement was reported in the Politico Massachusetts Playbook here. (Note that the Markey article begins after coverage of the Kennedy campaign decision to unionize its campaign staff. A step taken by the Markey campaign in April.)

You can learn more about the Markey Campaign and how to turn our endorsement into action by taking part in already planned campaign events here and by signing up to volunteer here.

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