Agenda for noon discussion

Organizational Vision for ORMA

National OR maintains a database that contains contact information for 30,000 people who are “members” of ORMA.  National OR defines members as all people who interacted in a positive manner with OR.  This includes people who merely opened emails and others who attend affiliate meetings regularly.   

ORMA defines members more narrowly:  Only people who attended at least one OR event are considered members.  This definition provides us with an ORMA member database of about 9,000 people.  ORMA also has a supplementary list of contact info for 8,000 “supporters.”

Whether considering a database membership of 9,000 or 30,000, we are talking about a great deal more people than the approximately 1,000 people who regularly participate in various OR activities.  The challenge for us today is to consider what ORMA is required to do to do in order to have a far more active membership.  

We are asking you to address that question in 45 minutes.  What do you think ORMA and its affiliates and caucuses should do to activate and organize more people like you, your friends, your neighbors, co-workers, and/or your allies?   Be thoughtful, honest, creative and brief.  Be positive.  If someone else’s idea doesn’t work for you, don’t knock it in this session; just move on and be positive.  Now is the time to speak up.  Our aim is to have an “essential” conversation.  Try to keep your remarks to under one minute.  No one who has spoken once will be recognized a second time unless every voice has been heard or has chosen to “pass.”  This is as much a listening as an opining session.  Speak from the heart.

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