2020 Election Results – an Evolving Story

Bernie Sanders’ speech:
An election between Donald Trump and democracy.
And democracy must win.

Although Trump is still engaged in a futile attempt to dispute election results, BIDEN has clearly and definitively won. We are relieved and pleased, and we’re ready to engage in the next stage of our efforts: pushing Biden and Harris to the left. The future looks brighter, but there is still a lot to do.

Bernie Sanders is working collaboratively with and in support of Joe Biden, to achieve some of our long-sought goals, as described in this USA TODAY article. There is also a wonderful article in Politico.

Presidential Election Results Compared*
Note that in both elections the Democrat won the popular vote; in 2020, Biden also won the Electoral vote.

2016 Trump Clinton
Electoral Vote 304 227
Popular Vote 62,984,828 56,853,514
Percentage 46.1% 48.2%
2020 Trump Biden
Electoral Vote 232 306
Popular Vote 73,661,779 79,641,365
Percentage 47.2% 51.0%

* as tallied by a consensus of media outlets and reported by Wikipedia. In 2016, when Trump lost the popular vote, he claimed he’d won by “a landslide.” In this election, Biden has won both the popular vote and the electoral college vote, yet Trump is still claiming a landslide.

In addition to Protect the Vote we also want to share Covering the Election Before, During, and After Nov. 3.  And for those who want to get deeper into the weeds – more than you may want or need to know – please see, from the National Task Force on Election Crisesespecially the section devoted to post 11/3 issues.

In July, a new law was passed to allow all registered voters in Massachusetts to vote by mail in any 2020 election, with no excuse needed. Voter registration and early voting information here. ORMA overwhelmingly endorsed Senator Ed Markey and we are delighted that he won handily in the September 1 primary. Meanwhile, as our nation approaches its next presidential election, we are faced with stark realities: the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, the environment is being violated, Mother Earth is disrespected, our sisters and brothers are imprisoned in racist and inhumane prisons, Indigenous Americans are still mocked publicly after surviving a 500-year-long battle with alien invaders, the basic needs of the children, the poor, the rivers and the trees are ignored, not to mention unprepared nations dealing with a deadly pandemic. We ALL know that solutions demand action!  We ALL know that Trump must be defeated. But what actions might help bring about that result?

Our Revolution MA aims on these pages to provide relevant and important information about the 2020 election — information that can lead to action and to strengthening any activist groups that share common values, a common purpose, and a common vision. We need each other to grow the revolution, to elect progressives at all levels of government, and to improve the lives of us all.  We also need to defeat Donald Trump.

Legendary activist Angela Davis came out in support of Biden. She emphasizes the difference between strategy and ideology. The two do not always align. Without strategy, you may simply end up feeling special and superior but totally failing to achieve your goals.

“I don’t see this election as being about choosing a candidate who will be able to lead us in the right direction,it will be about choosing a candidate who can be most effectively pressured into allowing more space for the evolving anti-racist movement.” – Angela Davis

Massachusetts Races and down-ballot races
Bernie Matters

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